Lakers stop Warriors with a great Anthony Davis

Lakers stop Warriors with a great Anthony Davis

In the absence of LeBron James, Anthony Davis took responsibility this Sunday night to give the Lakers victory over the Warriors (113-105). With 39 points, the inside carried his team at arm’s length and Los Angeles snapped Golden State’s five-game winning streak. The forward march towards the play-in is restarted.

For their fourth game without LeBron James, the Lakers have balanced their record without their franchise player. The Warriors could count on the return of Stephen Curry (27 points, 6 assists) but nothing could stop Los Angeles which started its match by crushing Steve Kerr’s band. With a twenty-point difference after 10 minutes of play (32-12), Anthony Davis and his teammates suffocated their opponents in the first quarter, conceding only 18 points.

Golden State returns but cracks in money time

The strength of the defending champion is to never let go. The Warriors came back in the game at halftime (55-54) thanks to a big second quarter, but they never went ahead. The Lakers took off after returning from the locker room before being joined at 91-91 with only 5 minutes left to play. Anthony Davis chose this moment to give a boost and avoid a complicated end to the match for his team.

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