Lambert Wilson reacts to archive footage with his father

The actor was invited to “C l’hebdo” for the upcoming release of his latest film, 5 hectares. The opportunity for him to talk about his relationship with George Wilson, his father, also an actor.

The actor was invited by Aurélie Ce on the set of “C the weekly” this Saturday, December 9. After Simple Things by Eric Besnard and Golden hands by Isabelle Mergault, Lambert Wilson signs its third film of the year 2023 with the film 5 hectares by Emilie Deleuze in theaters on December 27.

Born to an actress mother, Nicole Wilson, and an actor father, George Wilson, young Lambert was not destined for a career in cinema. Beyond the basic question and the consequences that this profession entailed, it was more so as not to do like his father that the man had convinced himself that being an actor was not for him. And yet, life decided otherwise.

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Aurélie Ce underlined this truth by broadcasting on the set of “C l’hebdo” an archive of the father and son duo on a television set in 1989. At this announcement, Lambert Wilson could not help expressing his emotion. “It’s embaring”he said before even knowing what this extract hid.

Jealousy and comparison

In reality, nothing too embarring. We see Lambert Wilson and his father George, whom the young actor calls that and not “dad”, in an antenna program 2, formerly France 2. The man, now aged 65, evokes one of his collaborations with his father where he explained “not having been privileged. He was hard enough to teach me the trade”.

Nearly 35 years later, he has not changed his views. “Art is built on suffering. There is no art, no creation, composition, or writing without suffering, I am clear on that.” However, to the taste of George Wilson, the actor of The man with silver eyes doesn’t “suffered enough” and was “too sunny”. Lambert Wilson justifies it as follows: “my father had suffered very clearly, strongly and precisely. War, poverty, being an orphan, everything. So of course I was a middle-cl man from the Rambouillet forest, we couldn’t be in competition. And then it’s colored by the jealousy he felt because at 20 I started to make films and I was considered a pretty boy etc..

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