Last in Ligue 1, Angers separates from Gérald Baticle

The painful start to the SCO season, last in Ligue 1 after 15 days, got the better of its coach, Gérald Baticle, who will be received to be laid off. The decision was announced to the principal concerned and it is the result of a vast consultation carried out by the president of the Anjou club, Saïd Chabane, who spoke with locker room executives, relatives and even supporters, the latter days. The interim will be provided by Abdel Bouhazama, director of the training center, 53 years old.

The pressure had become too great for Baticle to continue. If the SCO seduced when it arrived in the summer of 2021 then won its maintenance in May, it also remains on a series of 7 losses, as in the spring, and these results could be very expensive at the end of the season, while 4 clubs will go down to Ligue 2.

First ousting of a coach for Chabane

This eviction is a disavowal for President Chabane, who had personally chosen Baticle to succeed Stéphane Moulin. The president had offered him four years of contract, until 2025, and he had assured after the setback in Lyon (0-5) that his technician would end the season. This will not be the case.

Because in the meantime, the fracture with several other leaders (Abdel Bouhazama and Jalal Benalla, recently integrated into the recruitment cell) had become gaping. And some executives, starting with Sofiane Boufal, were perhaps no longer giving the best of themselves. Baticle tried many patterns but never found the right structure. In his defense, he deplored certain shortcomings in recruitment after the departure of the executives (Manceau, Thomas, Traoré, Mangani, Fulgini), this summer.

Chabane has therefore parted ways with a coach for the first time since taking over the club in 2011, and he is now looking for a new coach. Angers will resume training on November 28. His next Ligue 1 match is set for December 28 at AC Ajaccio.

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