Last minute… Disaster said ‘I’m coming’, reaction rained down on the yellow boots photo of the AKP president

The earthquake region, which suffered the disaster with two major earthquakes, surrendered to the flood this time. 5 people lost their lives due to the floods that caused damage in Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman and Malatya, and many people were lost by the flood waters. Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, the AKP mayor of Şanlıurfa, where 4 people lost their lives, reacted with a photo of him wearing yellow boots.

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Last minute… Disaster said 'I'm coming', reaction rained down on the yellow boots photo of the AKP president

The speed of the heavy rain made by Meteorology days ago increased in the morning hours, the city was almost flooded. The vehicle, which the rain brought in front of it in every region, especially the river sides, started to drag whatever people had.

Abide Köprülü Junction, which was opened by President and AKP Chairman Erdoğan in the past days, was also flooded. Some citizens who were caught in the flood waters in their vehicles were rescued by those who grew up in the environment.

CHP Şanlıurfa Deputy Aziz Aydınlık stated that 6-7 people who were flooded at Abide Köprülü Junction were waiting to be rescued and said, “They can’t do anything. The mayor and AKP Provincial Chairperson came, they left when they were shouted and called by the citizens because they couldn’t find a water booster and empty it.”


While 4 people lost their lives in the flood waters in Şanlıurfa, many people, including two firefighters, disappeared. Firefighters were rescued after a search of about 3 hours. In the Tut district of Adıyaman, one person lost his life as a result of the flood waters of the container set up in a garden, and it was learned that 3 people, one of whom was a 1.5-year-old baby, disappeared.

The patients in the Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, which were flooded, were transferred to Mehmet Akif Ersoy Training Hospital.


Due to the flood waters, the Şanlıurfa – Adıyaman Highway was cut in half near the Bozova district and closed to transportation. A truck rolled into a ditch due to flooding.


Due to the fact that the necessary measures were not taken in the city during the hours when the flood was not yet effective, many posts were made on the social media accounts for the city administrators. Şanlıurfa Governor Salih Ayhan shared the photos he took on the field wearing boots and a raincoat on his social media account.

The pose of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality’s AKP President Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül with the photo of “Yellow Boots” at the Alo 153 center was shared on the municipality’s official social media account and Beyazgül’s personal account.

A lot of reaction messages came to this post. Social media users, who stated that Beyazgül’s duty was not to answer the phones or to receive notifications, criticized Beyazgül with messages stating that it was a “Show”.

Former AKP Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Bilal Tekatlı stated that Zeynel Abdin Beyazgül blocked accounts that criticize him, and said, “Mayor, if you are listening to complaints on the phone, why are you blocking those who complain on Twitter and hiding the comments?” asked.

A social media user, on the other hand, shared Beyazgül’s photo with yellow boots, “The city is not served by sitting at a desk and posing. Homeland became Venice,” he criticized.


It was claimed that Balıklıgöl, the tourism symbol of the city, was also flooded in Şanlıurfa, where education was interrupted for one day, and the fish in the lake disappeared. It was also stated that the necessary investigation would be initiated by the relevant authorities, and that at least the remaining fish would be rescued and taken under protection.


In the meantime, despite the Meteorology’s warnings days ago, it was claimed that the city administrators did not take the necessary precautions. It was stated that risky streets could be closed to transportation, especially in Eyyübiye, Haliliye and Karaköprü districts of the city, before the rain, and the loss of life and property could be prevented by temporarily moving the citizens living by the streams to safer places. It is stated that the zoning plans in Şanlıurfa, which has come to the fore with zoning changes that are especially profitable, are carried out in the shadow of rent claims.

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