Lasting one year and paid at 67% of the salary: deputies advocate a reform of parental leave

According to them, the measure would make it possible to better meet the “fundamental needs of the child”. A parliamentary report produced by two MPs recommends “one-year parental leave” paid at “67% of salary”. “We want to put the needs of the child back at the center of the debate: neuroscience shows that the first three years of life are fundamental for the development and acquisition of psychosocial skills of the child,” explains socialist MP Isabelle Santiago on Thursday. , co-rapporteur with Michèle Peyron (Renaissance).

Their flash mission on the “prospects for developments in the care of children in crèches” was launched in September, after the publication of two alarming books on private daycare practices. The report, presented on Wednesday to the Delegation for Children’s Rights in the embly, recommends “allowing parents who wish to do so to take care of their child themselves for longer and in good conditions”.

In particular, he recommends extending maternity leave to “reach twelve weeks after birth”. It also recommends “one year’s parental leave”, shareable between parents, “paid at 67% of previous salary”.

“Negligent” nurseries

Neuroscience shows that “the child needs an identified adult to take care of him through repeated daily experiences. (…) However, today, daycare centers often neglect this principle,” according to this report. Concerning the latter, the mission asks to return to the possibility of excess reception. She defends a ratio of five children per adult when they are walking and three children per adult for babies (compared to eight and five currently).

It also recommends reforming initial staff training based on neuroscience. She calls for a ban on online early childhood CAP training. “People get it behind a computer without ever having held a baby in their arms,” according to Isabelle Santiago.

The Minister of Solidarity Aurore Bergé announced Wednesday in The Express the creation in 2025 of a “new family leave”. “After maternity leave and paternity leave, parents will each be entitled to family leave, which they can take at the same time or one after the other, full-time or part-time,” she detailed. . This “family leave” will, according to her, be “much better paid” than current parental leave, compensated to the tune of 429 euros per month.

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