Launch of the Alliance for Tourism predicts an increase in the flow of tourists in Porto Alegre

Improve Porto Alegre’s self-esteem to attract more and more visitors to the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. This is the starting point of Alliance for Tourism, a project developed by Porto Alegre City Hall, in partnership with Pacto Alegre and Sebrae-RS. O launch of the action brought together representatives of public and private initiatives, this Thursday morning (26)at an event held at the 20Barra9 restaurant at Pontal Shopping.

Within the comprehensive marketing campaign “POA Toda Tua”, highlighting the DestinoPOA portal, which aims to invite residents of the city to promote its beauty and attractions. “We want to call on the community to embrace this cause together, to behave in Porto Alegre in the same way as they behave when traveling. The goal is to expand our participation in the national market, increasing the number of visitors by 15% by 2024 compared to 2022”, summarized the state coordinator of the Creative Economy and Tourism of Sebrae-RS, Amanda Paim.

According to Thomas Fontana, director of Somos.RS, “the platform connects the various tourism initiatives, with daily news, events calendar, list of attractions, as well as features such as ticket e-commerce”. The leader of the business group that seeks the economic development of Rio Grande do Sul through tourism, also highlighted the actions that go beyond the internet, such as the tribute to the writer Erico Verissimo in Muro da Mauá, several new selfie points spread across the city and adver at bus stops, busdoors and street clocks.

On the same line, Mayor Sebastião Melo noted that people’s participation is essential for the plan to work. “First of all, for a city to be good, it needs to be good for those who live in it. To achieve this, public managers and citizens need to do their part. Before talking about big projects, if you don’t do your day to day day, we have no way of dialoging with other topics. In this aspect, our city has changed a lot, we recovered after the health crisis, we lowered taxes and committed to reducing bureaucracy”, concludes Melo.

The Secretary of Tourism of Porto Alegre, Julia Tavares, highlighted the importance of the segment for the economy: “One in every eight jobs created in the Capital comes from the tourism sector. Therefore, we need to increasingly value this important sector. This value can be measured by the 535 restaurants, 128 travel agencies and 55 micro-breweries. In addition to our very strong gastronomic area, we have great shows and two world champion football teams”.

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