Laure Calamy, Arthur Harari, Antoine Reinartz… Justine Triet talks about her band of films

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Swann Arlaud, actor protean

Justine Triet “To play the heroine’s lawyer, I didn’t especially want a tenor from the virile bar, with a big voice and sleeve effects. Swann’s subtlety imposed itself. I had seen it in You only want me of Claire Simon, where it is exceptional. The duet with Sandra, who plays his client, took off immediately. They adored each other… In the game, on the other hand, Swann is very different from her: it is through spontaneity, contextualization, that he manages to see the truth emerge, without knowing exactly when it will be. moved, sometimes surprised by his own interpretation. He’s hypersensitive. His condition, the atmosphere on the set, the slightest indication will influence his acting, and I was always careful with my language, because when certain actors hardly listen to you, Swann, he integrates the least of my words. He can change a lot. Moreover, this is confirmed during the editing, where he is fascinating to watch: on screen, from one take to another, he never has the same face. »

Swann Arlaud, in Paris, April 20, 2013.

Laure Calamy, graphic actress

news : “I met Laura [qui a joué dans Sybil] thanks to my friend Vincent Macaigne, who staged her at the theatre: I remember her, totally naked on stage, in At least I will have left a beautiful corpse, adapted fromHamlet. Vincent often directed her in devouring characters in Gorgon, and it’s as a tragic actress that I like her the most, when we touch on the violence she has in her, even if we saw her a lot afterwards. in comedic jobs. I know that I can ask Laure anything: hard, deaf, nuanced, crazy things… She will prepare meticulously, take pleasure in redoing, proposing, and arriving exactly at the place I have in mind, without never be bland. And then she’s very graphic, with a great face and a nose that I love: she looks like she’s straight out of a comic book. »

Laure Calamy, at her home, in Paris, on May 1, 2023.

Arthur Harari, table tennis filmmaker

news : “With Arthur, we had already co-written together, but never as equal as for Anatomy of a fall. We sent the scenes to each other, in a permanent ping-pong, which provoked lively debates for three years. It could have been joyful at times, and sometimes less so. Arthur brought me a lot, he was involved until the end of the film, almost like an artistic collaborator. And since he is first and foremost a director, at times we had to invent everyone’s place together so that everyone could find their way around. But it’s my habit to displace people from their function. I deeply believe in the idea that screenplays are the work of screenwriters, of course, but also of artists, directors, writers, journalists… The older I get, the more I realize that something well done is of little interest. . We are always looking for the soul, the vision, and sharing that with someone we respect is something precious. »

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