Laurent Blanc after the defeat of OL in Clermont: “For Europe, it’s grated”

Laurent Blanc, OL coach, after the defeat at Clermont (1-2) : “It’s a big disappointment but we must also honor this team from Clermont who believed in it a little more than us. We have to be more concentrated after the opener, but we give them the penalty. I’m disappointed for the players, we’re still struggling, we lack experience behind.

Nobody gives us anything and I think we give a little too much. The scenario, we have already seen it, but that did not prevent us from having results. But I’m sure that if we had kept the 1-0 today, the second half would not have been the same. For Europe, it’s grated. And we lose Dejan (Lovren) who is a major player in our defense ”.

Pascal Gastien (Clermont coach): “For us, it is exceptional. It’s a full match, with twists and ends well. We continue our series, it’s not nothing. We got shaken up at times, but we gave them problems. We could have scored a little earlier, but it came little by little. Thanks to our solidarity, we were able to go all the way. Lyon imposed their rhythm on us but we were not in a situation of frequent danger either. We felt, on the counterattacks, that we could always put them in difficulty. We did not panic and we are lucky to come back very soon after conceding the goal. We didn’t want to get disorganized.”

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