Laurent Blanc (Lyon coach): “An excellent evening”

Laurent Blanc (Lyon coach): “An excellent evening”

“How do you explain this reversal of the situation?
From the start Match, we were convinced that we could achieve a result even if we had been jostled in the Championship here. It’s a very, very good team, there’s a lot of movement, we offered some play. At 3-1, we weren’t very good but the changes were very positive for the team. I spent an excellent evening with good players and coaches who have offensive visions of the game. There could have been other goals elsewhere.

You were scared on this penalty at the end of the match…
For me, it was acquired and it is good to go and see the VAR. If it can serve to be fair, that is good. But honestly, we saw ourselves taking a fourth goal on this one…

Do you feel that the team is starting to improve?
The hardest thing for us was to create a group and a team. It’s been a while that we feel better in the life of the group. Its important to me. Even if we didn’t manage to concretize, this group begins to be born. We were missing a reference match and why not this one?

In the state of mind, it is much better. We made it happen in one match, that’s good. If we manage to play better, it will be happiness, but the guys are already giving everything. We felt the two teams who wanted to win at the end. Even mine, I tended to tell him: “We’re going to calm things down.” But the guys wanted to go. I also saw the Lille coach and I congratulated him. I leave this evening satisfied. »

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