Laurent Wauquiez accused of cutting funding for France Rénov

Three ministers denounce the decision to Laurent Wauquiez to withdraw from 2024 the financing of the region which he presides over the service France Renovwho advises the French in their energy renovation initiatives.

In a letter dated September 4, ministers Christophe Bechu (Ecological Transition), Agnes Pannier-Runacher (Energy Transition) and Patrice Vergriete (Housing) accuse the elected LR of “withdrawing the regional council of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes from the financing and animation of the device”.

Deprivation of “an essential public service”

The France Rénov spaces, created in early 2022, aim to advise and guide individuals in the energy renovation of their homes, a crucial project to reduce energy consumption and achieve France’s climate objectives. They are co-financed by the State, public agencies (Anah, Ademe) and local authorities, including the regions.

“Your decision (…) threatens the jobs of the more than 300 people who support this public renovation service” and “will have the effect of depriving the inhabitants of the region of an essential public service for their renovation projects and weakens a major policy to fight against energy poverty such as climate change”, write the ministers.

“We ask you to examine (…) all the possible leeway allowing you to secure the 3 million euros that the regional council had undertaken to provide in 2024”, they add.

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