Laurent Wauquiez’s calendar

Laurent Wauquiez during the J-100 of the Courchevel Méribel 2023 world ski championships in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, on October 25 in Lyon. Sandrine THESILLAT / PANORAMIC

Highly cited in this campaign for the presidency of the Republicans, the president of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes does not intend to reveal himself too soon.

“I want Laurent Wauquiez to be a candidate because he is the best (…) After the calendar, it’s him. » Monday evening, the words of Éric Ciotti during the debate on LCI went almost unnoticed. And yet… Since entering the campaign this summer for the presidency of the Republicans, the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes has announced that Laurent Wauquiez is a natural candidate for the right for the 2027 presidential election and must, as such, be chosen from next year to allow the Republicans to find an incarnation. A calendar which is categorically opposed by Bruno Retailleau. “Laurent Wauquiez has all the qualities tomorrow to be our candidate but I have a difference compared to Eric”, declared the senator Monday evening on the set of LCI, “It’s that I think it’s not a good idea, neither for the party nor for the candidate (to declare himself next year) Laurent should be wary because in 2024, we are going to have European elections. I hope we win them. But if we ever stumble in May, we electroshock it“For the president of the LR group in the Senate, the right must be careful not to “put the cart before the horse”.First the 2022 (Republican) election. Then the European election. Right after, we will nominate our candidate. He will remain three years to campaign. But please, let’s not expose it too soon! », he worries. An opinion shared by Aurélien Pradié even beyond the person of Laurent Wauquiez: “I think it’s madness to designate our candidate next year. I have lived through the Fillon Pécresse episodes too much not to think that we are going to expose him to all the nuclear fires. »

Laurent Wauquiez, he never mentioned his intention to declare himself next year, in 2023.

They’re not the only ones who think so.. David Margueritte, vice-president of Normandy, or Sébastien Michel, mayor of Écully, for example, entrusted it to Laurent Wauquiez, convinced that too strong an exposure of his ambitions from 2023 could cost him any political chance of appearing on the starting line of the next presidential election. And that the European elections would make him stumble if he revealed himself too soon. Laurent Wauquiez, he has never mentioned his intention to declare himself next year, in 2023. The regional president knows that he needs time to rebuild his link with the French as well as to propose a solid ideological corpus and renewed.

Wednesday, in front of about twenty elected officials whom he received in Paris in the premises of the region, “he did not talk about the electoral deadlines at all”explains Fabien di Filippo, the LR deputy for Moselle. “We did an overview of what everyone feels in their territory and the concerns of the French, as we have done regularly for six years. 40% of French people live in municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants“, continues the deputy LR Pierre Cordier. “We were very far from political politics”he smiles.

In 2027 it will be the right or Le Pen »

The regional president also told them about his “immersion” which he does without a press. He had started a year ago with Fabien di Filippo in his constituency. Now he multiplies them. After visiting a high school in Vénissieux in mid-October, an immersion in the Lyon metropolitan area with the BAC, he went to the Michelin factory in Roanne at the end of last week. Next time he will go to an emergency department at the hospital.

I take the time to listen to the country, it is essential “, insisted Laurent Wauquiez Wednesday in front of the elected officials, “ in 2027 it will be the right or Le Pen “, he judged. Aware that the Republicans are now very weak, their former president has also called on his supporters to avoid any “ division between the LR parliamentary groups in the Assembly and the Senate. Regularly, Laurent Wauquiez receives small groups of deputies and senators like October 18 or even last week.

Convinced that France knows “ an end game “, and “ a historic stall », as he confided to Le Figaro at the end of OctoberLaurent Wauquiez is aware that the French will be demanding. “We will have to be very determined on the solutions, to have a real height of view, and the French will need politicians endowed with great competence and a great ability to listen”. He also wants to arrive with a team, whom his friends at LR often criticized for playing too personal.

Last week, Laurent Wauquiez and Éric Ciotti, who appreciate each other, met again. The regional president who had announced his vote in our columns will renew his support for him next Friday, during a public meeting in the Drôme. A way to show that he is committed to his friends and to cut short the criticism. To the Republicans, many would have liked him to run for the presidency of the party, sometimes accusing him of fleeing political combat. Not his calendar. “I will vote with conviction for Éric Ciotti”he had declared to Figaro, This is the president our political family is going to need. He has my full confidence.»

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