“Le Grand Échiquier” returns to the million mark with its tribute to Armenia on France 2

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Pascal Légitimus, Hélène Segara, André Manoukian and Claire Chazal. Jack Tribeca / Bestimage / © Jack Tribeca – Bestimage

Audiences on Thursday, August 31, 2023 for programs broadcast in the first part of the evening.

This Thursday, “The Great Chessboard”usually on France 3, switched exceptionally to France 2 for a program devoted to Armenia, organized in partnership with Le Figaro Magazine. Guests linked by blood or feelings to this country (Simon Abkarian, Sylvain Tesson, Patrick Bruel…) hailed or sang the fighting spirit of a nation bruised in the past, today threatened by Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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Hosted by Claire Chazal and André Manoukian from the Royal Opera of Versailles, the program attracted 1.35 million viewers, or 7.9% of the public. The previous “Grand Échiquier”, broadcast in June this time on France 3, only brought together 728,000 people. Far from the two million curious people that Anne-Sophie Lapix managed to bring together in 2018 on France 2, when he took over Jacques Chancel’s cult show.

Success for “Trains like no other”

This score places France 2 in fifth place in the hearings, this Thursday evening. First place is held by M6, which was broadcasting free-to-air for the first time cruella, a film released in 2021 starring Emma Stone. 2.55 million viewers, or 15.8% of the public, viewed it. TF1, in second position, replayed the American blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok (2017), starring Chris Hemsworth and Benedict Cumberbatch. 2.12 million French people attended.

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On the last step of the podium, France 3 rebroadcast an episode of the series I lied. 2.01 million viewers, or 11.7% of the public, followed the detective adventures of Camille Lou and Thierry Neuvic. “Trains like no other”, on France 5, comes in fourth position. The program achieved the good score of 2.09 million viewers, or 11.0% of the public, who headed to southern Argentina. Philippe Gougler’s show is now a meeting place for viewers. Last week’s issue had 1.50 million viewers in Serbia.

Audiences of the first part of the evening of Thursday August 31


M6 TV program


2,546,000 viewers


TF1 TV program

Thor: Ragnarok

2,124,000 viewers


France 3 TV program

I lied

2,171,000 viewers


France 5 TV program

Trains like no other

2,092,000 viewers


France 2 TV program

The big chessboard

1,351,000 viewers

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