Léa Salamé surprises Karine Le Marchand in “What a time!”

VIDEO – Guest of the talk show broadcast Saturday evening on France 2, the M6 ​​host spoke about the state of her friendship with the real estate agent, targeted by an investigation for domestic violence.

Since September 21 and the revelation of an investigation carried out by Médiapart, Stéphane Plaza is accused by several women of physical and verbal violence, threats and humiliation. Attacks “defamatory and insulting” according to the lawyers of the M6 ​​host who had informed that these women were “targeted by a criminal complaint for harment and cyberharment”.

Since then, internal investigations carried out by the management of M6 on the one hand and that of Mediawan production on the other have yielded nothing. Nicolas de Tavernost, the boss of the M6 ​​group, recently announced thatno sanction would be taken against Stéphane Plaza and that he would remain on the air. October 27, in “Don’t touch my post!” » on C8, Maître Hélène Plumet, lawyer for the host, declared via a press release that his client – targeted by a judicial investigation for domestic violence – was “very affected” by these accusations and that he did everything possible to “reestablish the truth and clear one’s honor”.

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“The time for emotional justice is not the same as that for justice”

Karine Le Marchand

Supported by Laurent RuquierStéphane Plaza can also count on his friend Karine Le Marchand. On October 26, the host of ” Love is in the meadow “ spoke at length about it in the magazine Paris Match. “Ultimately, he’s an idiot, a cad. But I’ve never seen him violent rarely angryshe said. Afterwards, I have never been in a relationship with him, I don’t know how he behaves with his mistresses. »

At the very end of the interview in the issue of “What a time!” » broadcast Saturday evening on France 2, Léa Salamé wanted to know if Stéphane Plaza was always ” his best friend “ . “He is my friend, there is justicereplied Karine Le Marchand. The time for emotional justice is not the same as the time for justice. I obviously support women when they are really mistreated. It is important that justice moves more quickly in this type of case for women who have suffered abuse. And it is important that justice moves faster for people who believe they are wrongly accused. »

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