Lebanon: his wife and three grandchildren killed, the family of a journalist victim of an Israeli strike

Journalists hit again by the war in the Middle East. Four members of the family of a Lebanese journalist, including three children, were killed in an Israeli strike on Sunday while they were driving on a road in southern Lebanon, according to state media. The victims are the sister of journalist Samir Ayoub, correspondent for a local radio, and her three grandchildren, aged 14, 12 and 10, according to the national news agency Ani.

The journalist, who was driving his car, was injured. His relatives followed him in a second car. The border area between Lebanon and Israel is the scene of exchanges of frequent shooting between the Israeli army and pro-Iranian Hezbollah notably, since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas, triggered on October 7 by the bloody attack of the Palestinian Islamist movement on Israeli soil.

On Sunday morning, four rescuers were injured in an Israeli bombardment against two ambulances belonging to a local ociation, this ociation and Ani reported. On October 13, a Reuters journalist, Issam Abdallah, had been killed and six others, including two from the AFP, were injured while covering the violence in southern Lebanon. The Lebanese authorities had accused Israel.

Since October 7, 81 people have died on the Lebanese side, according to an AFP count, including 59 Hezbollah fighters and at least 11 civilians. Six soldiers and a civilian were killed on the Israeli side, according to authorities.

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