Legal battle surrounding the death sentence of a Franco-Algerian consultant by Qatar

It is a sensitive issue, which causes embarrment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while Qatar plays the role of mediator in the framework of the agreement reached, Wednesday, November 22, between Israel and Hamas concerning the release of hostages from the Palestinian terrorist group and a truce in the fighting in the Gaza Strip. The world received confirmation of the death sentence in absentia, by the Qatari criminal court, on May 31, of the Franco-Algerian lobbyist Tayeb Benabderrahmane, for alleged crimes of espionage to the detriment of the emirate. Mr. Benabderrahmane was indicted in France, in 2022, for “corruption” and “active influence peddling” in the affairs of barbouzeries around Paris-Saint-Germain (PSG), owned by the Qatar Sports Investments fund.

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Another protagonist close to the capital club was sentenced to death in Qatar. According to our information, Hicham Karmoussi, the ex-Moroccan butler of the Qatari president of PSG, Ner Al-Khelaïfi, known as “NAK”, was given the death penalty by the same court in May for the same alleged acts.

According to the thirteen-page judgment of the Qatar Criminal Court, consulted by The world, three men in all were sentenced to death (“to be shot to death”) for “criminal ociation” and “intelligence with a foreign state”, between 2017 and 2020, accused of providing information “for the purposes of harming the State of Qatar economically and politically” : MM. Benabderrahmane and Karmoussi as well as Zouhir Boudemagh (who The world failed to contact), a French businessman of Algerian origin, well established in Kuwait and domiciled in Dubai.

“Confessions” and “confessions”

This is the site blast who revealed, in September, the death sentence of Mr. Benabderrahmane, based on a letter sent by the Qatari Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed ben Abderrahmane Al-Thani, to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs , Catherine Colonna. In this missive received by the Quai d’Orsay on July 21, the Prime Minister of Qatar returned to the case of Mr. Benabderrahmane, arrested and placed in detention in Doha in January 2020, before being placed under house arrest in July and then allowed to leave the emirate on October 31.

According to Mohammed ben Abderrahmane Al-Thani, a ” arrest warrant “ was issued by the Qatari prosecutor’s office against the Franco-Algerian lobbyist on December 6, 2020, and the latter was convicted “at the death penalty”. The Qatari prime minister clarified that the judgment had requested “to the authorities of Qatar to apply this sentence”. Which cannot be done as it stands, to the extent that the condemned are ” on the run “according to the Qatar Criminal Court.

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