Legionellosis-causing bacterium found on Finnish cruise ship

A Finnish shipping company has canceled the cruise ship Silja Serenade’s voyage from Helsinki to Stockholm after a bacteria that causes legionellosis was discovered in the ship’s plumbing system, Daily Finland reports, citing a company statement.

The dangerous bacteria was discovered on Saturday, November 11, and as a result the company decided to cancel cruise trips on the ship from Saturday to Tuesday. During this time, the ship must undergo thorough disinfection in Stockholm.

Legionella bacteria was found in several places in the ship’s plumbing system during a routine quality check. Silja Serenade is due to resume cruises on Tuesday evening. Pengers affected by flight cancellations will be offered alternative routes.

Earlier in September it was reported that a bacterium that causes legionellosis was found in the water at kindergarten No. 20 in Warsaw. At that time, more than 150 people were reported infected with this disease in Poland, but then the figure began to decline.

Legionellosis is not spread from person to person, but you can become infected with Legionella bacteria by inhaling water particles, such as in the shower. The infection develops in warm water at temperatures from 20 to 50 degrees Celsius and affects the respiratory system. Symptoms of the disease are fever, general intoxication, damage to the lungs, central nervous system, etc.

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