Leinster “did not respect us”, says La Rochelle captain Grégory Alldritt

By Le Figaro with AFP



Gregory Alldritt. Peter Fitzpatrick / PANORAMIC

To get a second star, La Rochelle had to show “character” and of “determination“, according its captain Grégory Alldritt after the Champions Cup final (27-26).

It was an incredible match, we showed a lot of character and winning that way is just huge. Honestly, there, we need to return to La Rochelle, to see our Old Port full to bursting with Rochelais to realize a second time what we have just done. I’m sure we don’t realize what we’ve done. It’s something huge.»

When do you know you are going to win?
There are several of them. Especially the toss. Already, I think they did not respect us. They didn’t look me in the eye as they shook my hand. It’s something we shouldn’t do. We have a lot of values ​​in this club and respect is part of it…»

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