Les Bleues are disillusioned (again) against the Norwegians in the semi-finals of the Women’s Euro

The French handball players were eliminated in the semi-finals of Euro-2022 (28-20) by their Norwegian rivals, European and world champions, Friday in Ljubljana.

After the finals of Euro-2020 and World Cup-2021, Norway once again extinguished a dream of a title for Les Bleues, who will return to Arena Stozice on Sunday (5:45 p.m.) to compete for the bronze medal in Montenegro. The Norwegian handball players, European and world champions, eliminated the French Olympic champions in the semi-finals of Euro-2022 (28-20) on Friday in Ljubljana.

Les Bleues started the match with the same intensity as the Norwegians and even sometimes led to the score (3rd, 25th) but without ever managing to increase the gap. The ball went from one goal to another but without systematically ending up in the back of the net. Indeed, Olivier Krumbholz’s players have often been defeated by the excellent Norwegian goalkeeper Silje Solberg. Despite this fine first half, Les Bleues returned to the locker room behind (12-11).

A one-sided second half

The second period started quite badly with a first unconverted possession which benefited the Norwegians to drive the point home on the counterattack. The French then quickly got out of their match with two warnings, a first exclusion for Estelle Nze Minko (33rd) before that of Océane Sercien-Ugolin (39th). France scared themselves with a possible expulsion of Grace Zaadi for a shot in the head of the Norwegian goalkeeper. Finally after several exchanges and viewings, the French is not excluded. But it is however at this moment that the match will switch to the side of the Nordic country.

Silje Solberg makes her eleventh save of the game ahead of Estelle Nze Minko. The Norwegians take advantage of this to stay five points ahead of the French. Stunned, the Blue will not come back to the score and Norway will unroll. For his 500th match on the bench, Olivier Krumbholz will lose 28-20 in the semi-finals of Euro 2022.

Denmark and Norway have already crossed paths in the main round. The Danes largely won (31-20). The France team, hitherto undefeated in the tournament, will compete for the bronze medal in Montenegro, which it dominated in the main round (27-19).

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