“Les Nuits fauves”, the hymn to love by writer and filmmaker Cyril Collard

Cyril Collard and Romane Bohringer in “Les Nuits Fauves” (1992), by Cyril Collard.

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During the first fifteen days of October 1992, a young man, with a smirk, a laughing look, good looks, went on television sets and radio studios. His film, Fauve Nights, is announced as one of the French film events of the year. Cyril Collard decided to bring to the screen his book of the same name, released in 1989 by Flammarion. A novel, largely autobiographical, which digs to the bone love pion and the quest for immediate pleasure. The story of a bi and HIV-positive boy, both a promise of life and a threat of death.

Part of the critics had freshly welcomed the work, the other had exhausted it. Its adaptation to the cinema will be a completely different matter. Released on October 21, 1992, Fauve Nights totaled 42,000 admissions in the first week, this is only the beginning. It becomes the film of a generation, a manifesto for a whole youth who no longer really know how to love. We talk about it in high schools and universities.

Film criticism, for its part, is carried away. “A punch in the stomach, a kiss on the mouth: this film is not like the others. It awakens, it shakes, it astonishes, it grips the guts and the heart. It will make a date »can we read in The world. A raw, brutal film, as important for the 1990s as it was twenty years ago The Mom and the »In Telerama. The program “Le Masque et la plume”, on France Inter, praises the film. THE Cinema notebooks devotes its “one” of October 1992 to him. Fauve Nights traces its route straight to the Caesars. The ceremony is scheduled for March 18, 1993.


Seven times nominated, the feature film will leave with four awards: best film, best first work, best female hope for Romane Bohringer, best editing for Lise Beaulieu. More than usual, the tears flow, the voices choke. Absent from the stage is Cyril Collard, who died three days earlier from AIDS at the age of 36. As Fabrice Drouelle so aptly summarized in his program “Sensitive Affairs” (France Inter, September 24, 2019), the ceremony will be the requiem of the director ». Fauve Nights his only feature film. His hymn to life ultimate momentum against death.

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Impetuous, burning gesture, which films the run at breakneck speed of a young man, Jean, 30, drunk with a desire that he dispenses without preference. Boys or girls, it doesn’t matter, as long as there is the exhilaration of hugs. May these occur with ping men, under the bridges of Paris and the stars. Or in the hollow of a bed with this 17-year-old teenager, Laura (Romane Bohringer). The first time they make love, he conceals his HIV status. She will believe herself contaminated, she will be afraid, will hate him, will love him even more. The pion like in war, the hugs like fights.

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