“Les Traitors” on M 6: discover the first participants of the second season

“Les Traitors” on M 6: discover the first participants of the second season

An unusual excitement agitates Bort-les-Orgues, a peaceful little village straddling Corrèze and Cantal. Since Monday, M 6 has deployed a large film crew, that of the second season of “Traitors”, a successful program launched last summer. Cameras, technical teams, extras and of course celebrities who take part in this new edition have been seen all week long at the four corners of the vast artificial lake created by an EDF dam, inaugurated in 1952. It is here, at the Château de Val, whose the imposing walls bathe in the Dordogne, just like on the other bank, in the pretty Chapelle des Manants, in Confolent-Port-Dieu, which the production company Studio 89 has taken up residence.

All the participants of the filming, but also the municipal agents of the occupied cities like the employees of the hotel-restaurant where all these little people spend the nights have signed strict confidentiality clauses. Objective of the chain: that the casting does not leak before the end of the shooting. But according to our information, Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut is there with his son Tom Pernaut. Just like actress Charlotte de Turckheim, singer Natasha St-Pier, former presidential candidate Jean Lassalle, former “Koh-Lanta” candidate Claude Dartois, and fitness influencer Tibo InShape.

Celebrities spotted by students at the nearby college

The format is hosted by Eric Antoine.
The format is hosted by Eric Antoine. M6/Etienne JEANNERET

Despite the required discretion, the palisades to counter prying eyes and the concealed faces before boarding the bus which transports them, the celebrities were immediately spotted by the pupils of the neighboring college, who could not help but ask for selfies to the program presenter Éric Antoine. Creating a crowd in front of the hotel which serves as a base camp, the students unmasked the celebrities and the escapades of Tibo InShape and Tom Pernaut who discreetly sneak out between two days of filming to do sports sessions at the municipal dojo.

Launched last August, “Les Traitors” is the television adaptation of the Werewolf game. Among the participating personalities (14 last season!), hide three traitors who must eliminate the loyal, without being unmasked. The former candidate of “Koh-Lanta” Clémence Castel and ex-judoka and minister David Douillet won the first season, followed by 2.1 million viewers, or 13% of PDA (more than 32% of women purchasing managers under 50). This is one of the best entertainment program launches in the history of the Six.

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