Lester Etien (Stade Français): "Last year, this match, we would have lost it"

Lester Etien (Stade Français player): “It was not easy against this team from Bayonne who broke down at the end. They took boxes, and we were able to pass. But we have to show something else, if we play like that in Lyon, it won't pass. We had the physical resources to finish the match. It was laborious, and it wasn't terrible offensively.

We made a few small technical errors, in particular passes that did not arrive... We will have to be more precise and better manage the weak times and the strong times. And we sometimes made bad choices... Last year, this match, we would have lost it. We always have your top 6 in mind, and the desire to go higher. »

Grégory Patat (Bayonne coach): “ Yes, it's frustrating not to bring anything back, even if we only had 25% possession. We had a lot of rubbish in touch, we had few balls, but sometimes we threw it too quickly. When we don't have the ball, we put ourselves under pressure. We put a lot of courage into defending but sometimes that's not enough. When we have the ball, we manage to be dangerous, we have created opportunities.

We were brave because the Stade Français knocked to open the door. That's good, but more needs to be done. We showed that on one against one we were solid, and the Stade Français did not know how to unblock things. My team performed well in their defensive streaks, with the ability to slow the ball down. The top 14 is going to be a marathon, we had to inject new blood with five new players in the front eight. »

Matthieu de Giovanni (Stade Français player): “We knew that Bayonne had come with intentions, Bayonne knew that we had finished 11th in the standings last season. We got into the game badly. Little by little, we were able to put our game in place, despite difficulties on the rucks, and we also struggled to materialize, we must do much better. On rucks, you can't put everything on the hinge. We did not put enough intensity in the contacts. »

Camille Lopez (captain of Bayonne): “There is a lot of frustration, we leave with zero points, we can only blame ourselves, and myself with this yellow card that I take. It's expensive. We made too many mistakes. It's our second outing, and we're not bringing anything back. There was something to do because without disrespecting the Stade Français, it was not the best Stade Français in history. We put the heart, we had the state of mind but that is not enough. It was not a very good match, there were a lot of approximations on our part. »

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