Letter from Emmanuel Macron: Eric Ciotti, “disappointed”, awaits a precise timetable

Published on September 11, 2023 at 9:20 am

The boss of LR, Eric Ciotti, who considers the initiative “relatively disappointing”, responded on Sunday to the letter sent by Emmanuel Macron to the various party leaders after the meeting in Saint-Denis on August 30, by demanding a precise timetable.

“This initiative that you wanted to carry out alone is – at this stage – relatively disappointing in terms of its method and its scale”, states in the preamble the number one of the Republicans in a letter posted online on the “Figaro” website.

Acknowledging that he is waiting for something other than a “report” of the meeting, he demands from the Head of State that he say “the follow-up that he will reserve” for the proposals presented by LR during the meeting, in particular a referendum on immigration and that it sets at the same time a “precise timetable”.

Four “must-have” points

In his response, after having ured that his party would not “bow” to “yet another communication exercise”, Eric Ciotti asks Emmanuel Macron that his “initiative necessarily extends within the framework of our institutions because the major questions which affect in the national interest cannot be addressed during ad hoc informal exchanges.

The boss of LR reiterates four “essential” points for his party: purchasing power, insecurity, immigration and “the liberation of the press and media from the influence of certain ideologues”, concluding his missive with an ironic “awaiting your (re)action”.

After his marathon meeting on August 30 with the various party leaders, Emmanuel Macron sent them a six-page letter in which he discusses numerous subjects, with the idea in particular of making a proposal “in the coming weeks” on a modification of the use of the referendum. This letter expected “proposals for modifications or additions by Sunday evening”.

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