LFI MP David Guiraud under fire after linking Israel to the Sabra and Chatila macres

Paris, France October 17, 2023 - LFI MP David Guiraud speaks during the questions to the Government session at the National embly.

LFI MP David Guiraud sparked a political storm on Saturday November 11, accused of relativizing the atrocities of Hamas on October 7 in Israel by seeming to establish a parallel with the macres of Sabra and Chatila, in Lebanon in 1982, to which he wrongly attributed direct responsibility to the Jewish State.

In a video captured during a trip to Tunis, we can hear the rebellious MP pronounce the following sentence: “The baby in the oven was indeed made by Israel, the disembowelled mother was made, it’s true, by Israel”. Then after a hesitation: “I think it was in Sabra and Chatila”.

Elected from the North, David Guiraud is, among the rebellious deputies, one of the fiercest defenders of the Palestinian cause and one of the most severe detractors of Israel. These statements sparked a flurry of indignant reactions and threats of filing a complaint against the MP.

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“Who will be the most abject”

“There seems to be a competition in rebellious France over who will be the most abject. For the moment, he has just climbed onto the first step, but he could be dethroned, knowing him, by another of his colleagues”, declared Marine Le Pen, the leader of the deputies of the National Rally (RN), during a trip to Pas-de-Calais. These words “shock everyone”she added.

“Rebellious France covers itself with a little more shame and dishonor every day. History will record that French deputies took the side of Hamas terrorists”estimated for his part on the X platform the leader of the Les Républicains (LR) senators Bruno Retailleau.

The Macronist deputy from the North Violette Spillebout announced in the newspaper La Voix du Nord that she was going to contact the public prosecutor for these “negationist remarks”.

Meyer Habib, LR deputy for French people abroad, announced that a denunciation would be made “to the Paris prosecutor under article 40 of the code of criminal procedure” against him “for advocating terrorism and inciting racial hatred”.

The Sabra and Chatila macres in 1982 were committed by Lebanese Christian phalanxes during an Israeli military intervention in Lebanon. But Israel was also held responsible for not having prevented these macres.


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In a long series of messages on X, David Guiraud admitted to having been wrong about Sabra and Chatila and denied any minimization of the October 7 attack. “No, I was not “putting into perspective” Hamas’ war crimes, which we have clearly condemned. Let me be clear, I never doubted the macre, nor the atrocity of the acts committed against civilians”he wrote.

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