light on the masters of the Spanish detective novel

light on the masters of the Spanish detective novel

The editorial phenomenon, which has been raging in Spain for twenty years, will be scrutinized by the 19e edition of the festival of black and detective literature, from March 31 to April 2.

THE Quays of the Polar welcome, this year, the captains of the Spanish detective novel. The festival of black literature will bring together at the end of March, in Lyon, thirteen Spanish writers who have been bubbling the Iberian crime scene since the 2000s, including Javier Cercas (The Soldiers of Salamis), Victor del Arbol (All the ocean waves), Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett (death rituals) or even Javier Castillo (The little girl in the snow ), unveiled Tuesday Hélène Fischbach, director of the event.

The 2023 edition of this festival, which over the years has become one of the major literary events of the year, will also be devoted to “spy novel and thematic of noir novel and journalism with authors who are former journalists and works of non-fiction highlighted”, added Hélène Fischbach. Among the other guest authors are several major international signatures such as RJ Ellory, Jake Adelstein And William Boyle. A total of 125 authors of 18 nationalities will respond to the call over three days, from March 31 to April 2.

To conduct their investigation into the rise of the Spanish thriller, “a veritable editorial and cultural phenomenon”the Quays of Polar will explore “the sometimes dark and tortured history of this country», and will summon “the tutelary figure of Manuel Vazquez Montalban disappeared 20 years earlier. The Literary Figaro, partner of the event, will animate on this occasion a meeting with Javier Cercas. Adjacent events devoted to cinema and gastronomy will complete this immersion.

The Night of 12 in ambush

As every year, this essentially free festival will offer many workshops, round tables and conferences in museums, libraries, bookstores and cinemas in Lyon, but also in more unusual places such as the National Police School of Saint-Cyr- in Mont-d’Or, the national forensic science service in Écully or prison establishments and hospitals in the region. Franck Thilliez And Michel Bussiwho are among the most widely read authors in France, will lead several meetings, with the support of their equally popular compatriots Bernard Minier And Christian Jacq.

Apart from the novel, children’s literature, manga, comics and cinema will also be celebrated with many prestigious guests such as the author and illustrator Joann Sfarthe Japanese mangaka Takashi Morita as well as the director Dominik Moll, big winner of the Césars 2023 for his film The Night of 12 inspired by the novel 18.3, a year at the PJ, of Pauline Guena.

Several international names will also be present, such as the Americans William Boyle, Elizabeth George and Jake Adelstein – author of the bestseller tokyo vice -, the prolific British RJ Ellory, the Swede David Lagercrantzwho took over the saga Millennium the German Volker Kutscher who inspired the series Babylon Berlin , or the Israeli Dror Mishani. Without setting a real objective, the organizers are counting on an increase in attendance, after three editions disrupted by the Covid and then the weather, hoping to reconnect with the 100,000 participants of 2019.

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