Like father Like Son

Like father Like Son

When inaugurating the new space at Panvel’s logistics center, in Eldorado do Sul, Julio Mottin was all smiles, hugging his son Julio Mottin Neto, president of the group. I could. It is an automated colossus, which had an investment of R$ 30 million, and still employs 420 people – the group has 10,000 employees. Austrian robots select the orders from the branches, pack them and then go straight to the truck for delivery. In the photo above, Julio Mottin shows the right foot of the huge CD building.

real life flagrant

Bus parked at the city bus station near Carazinho. There was a fight because people occupy places that are not theirs. Passengers discuss politics.

A drunk comes in making a fiasco. In the middle of the polvadeira, a woman starts screaming: “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”.

The bus takes off and 50 meters later the driver takes a can of beer by force from the young man’s hands. Part of the passengers booed the boracho, part said it was Bolsonaro’s fault.

Elisha Padilha

One of the most notable characteristics of former minister Eliseu Padilha (MDB), who died on Monday night at the age of 77, was his success in projecting the scoreboard for crucial votes in the National Congress. He was not a soothsayer, he prepared spreadsheets that gave him this condition. It was 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. It was not by chance that he was consulted by governments, including presidents of the Republic, on what the results of votes would be.

No comments

A farmer was fined by the Environmental Police for planting potatoes without authorization in São Francisco de Paula. The small farmer, who produces for his subsistence and for sale, did not have the necessary environmental licenses for planting on his property. It came out on the site The truck driver.

forbidden to allow

Brazil is so full of rules, norms and restrictions that it has become a country where the order is to prohibit, the facilitation has little chance. It doesn’t take long and they can normalize breathing.

the dog’s affection

francismar siviero personal collection/dissemination/jc

Master swimmer Francismar Siviero was hospitalized at Hospital São Francisco da Santa Casa for heart surgery. He asked director Fernando Lucchese to give him some good time with his dog, Glauber Bagual. He asked and took it, to the joy of both.

From grain to grain…

…the hen fills the crop. You talk to retailers and owners of gastronomic operations and they say that January and February were not as bad as they expected. The expectation is that March will go in the same direction. There’s a lack of income, that’s the drama, and that’s why President Lula’s promise to relieve the Income Tax on salaries of up to

BRL 2,600 would be a huge increase in consumption.


… as usual, the share of those who receive up to R$ 5,000 represents 70% of the collection. It will be a blow to the federal government’s revenue, probably offset by a higher rate for incomes above this threshold.

Tax reform

Regarding the notes on the page related to the tax reform, the Attorney General’s Office (PGM) of Porto Alegre argues that the text of PEC 45, defended by the federal government, not only concentrates resources in the Union, but also increases the tax burden of the services sector . The same occurs with PEC 110.

Here you do, here you pay

Start at the beginning and end at the end, said the Rabbit with Glasses from Alice in Wonderland gravely. The beginning ignored by the American banks that went bankrupt was to disregard the infant mortality of startups. They filled the guys with money and emptied the stock of prudence.

Picanha belongs to the people!

Congressmen supporting the Lula government (PT) reacted enthusiastically to the drop in meat prices. Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE) went further by saying on Twitter. “With Lula, Brazil left the bone queue to join the picanha queue”. Wonderful, senator, send a kilo through Sedex, your honor. Ten times on the card.

things that irritate

Some teenagers, so intent on typing messages on their cell phones, get on or off buses, often stopping at the entrance, disturbing the lives of passengers getting on or off. In the future, they will be part of the generation of cretins.

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