Lily-Rose Depp makes the Croisette blush with the preview of The Idol

By Benjamin Puech



Lily-Rose Depp at the Cannes Film Festival. Patricia DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP.

WE WERE THERE – The young 23-year-old actress presented with the singer The Weeknd this series imagined by the creator of the already sulphurous Euphoria. She is not often dressed there.

Luckily he didn’t stay. He could have been, or so we imagine, a little embarred. Johnny Depp, in Cannes a few days ago, did not attend the preview screening of the series The Idol, whose daughter, Lily-Rose, is the heroine. The heroine abused and often stripped, during the two episodes that were shown. She embodies a drifting popstar, who has a bad encounter, that of an evil nightclub boss played by singer The Weeknd.

At the foot of the red carpet, this Monday, May 22, young fans were screaming the name of this 33-year-old Canadian musician, whom starboy And Blinding Lights made famous all over the world. The cries could be heard even inside the Palais des Festivals. Then she appeared: Lily-Rose Depp, sequined strapless dress, beguiling smile. She looked like then, but we didn’t know it yet, her character Jocelyn.

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In the team of The Idol climbing the stairs, the atmosphere was not puritanical. Plunging necklines replaced transparent tops. We were in Cannes, Los Angeles time. A friend of Francesca Scorsese, the daughter of the great American filmmaker, wore a silver top that we would not have imagined possible on the red carpet. Many Instagrammers were among the guests. The best known of all, Lena Situations, in a flowered dress, revealed her long legs. She posed with talent.

Lily-Rose Depp surrounded by The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, creator of The Idol, at the Cannes Film Festival. VALERY HACHE

A beauty that surrenders

The first scene of The Idol, which will especially appeal to a teenage audience, sets the tone. Jocelyn poses there for a photographer, sensual as hell. A breast escapes. No one will be able to catch up with him anymore. In her sublime house, the musician is bored. Her mother is dead, the producers rush her and she can’t dance properly anymore. Morale is not good, sales of the latest albums either. As a good tormented teenager, she tries to put herself in danger. This is where Ray Sam Levinson, creator of the Euphoria series, co-created The Idol with The Weeknd.

Jocelynn then goes to a club halfway between the Parisian Silencio of David Lynch and a strip club. The meeting with Tedros (The Weeknd) upsets her and leads to a relationship of artistic creation and unbridled ity. Or rather restrained: Jocelyn has a taste for submission. When her new hero isn’t there, she thinks of him. A masturbation scene will offer some sweats to the prudish Americans. One wonders all the same what it must be like to see oneself on a screen 19 meters long and 8 high.

The Idol promised to be sulphurous. In terms of sadomasochism, gall moon And The Venus in Furs by Roman Polanski were otherwise disturbing. The script is also puzzling. But Jocelyn impresses, in true beauty that abandons itself. She wants to break the rules. Lily-Rose Depp too? It took audacity to embody this character.

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