Lisaboa Houbrechts, a tragedian at the Comédie-Française

PORTRAIT – Rising star of the Flemish scene, the 31-year-old director, eager for tragic stories, is the guest of the Comédie-Française to present her Medeaadapted from Euripides, until July 24.

“A Loud Cry”. The formula comes up regularly in the mouth of Lisaboa Houbrechts, when we meet her on a sunny Wednesday in April, in a small office on the Place Colette. For several weeks now, the young playwright has been dragging her long, elegant figure through the halls of the institution. THE “big cry”, she explains, is the metaphor she found to talk about this desire for theater that has consumed her since childhood, to the point of occupying all her time today. It is also the “big cry” mute of an actress in a staging of brave motherthe piece of Bertold Brechtwhich she cannot forget. “This great silent howl was to make us feel the alienation of the charactershe remembers. Me, I felt quite the opposite, a very strong emotion!. Years later, she sometimes still refrains, when directing actors, from telling them “but do as in Mother Courage!”.

Since this initiatory experience of the loud cry…

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