LIVE – Emmanuel Macron goes to the front line to defend his “ecology of progress”

It is a highly anticipated meeting, because it is shrouded in mystery. Emmanuel Macron must present this Monday, after several postponements, the main points ecological planning which he intends to make a marker of his second five-year term.

It will materialize in the form of “a common thread which will guide the action of each of the ministers present throughout the five-year term», Explained the president’s entourage. The Élysée ured that it understood “around fifty major levers identified to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 138 million tonnes by 2030“.

On the agenda: the creation of the Green Fund for local authorities, the renovation of public buildings, particularly schools and universities, the launch of metropolitan RERs in around ten cities, ecological water planning, the renewal of agricultural generations, the implementation of a more ecological transport policy, the fight against land artificialization, while giving more freedom to mayors on the question of the renovation and construction of housing or the planting of a billion trees by 2030.

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