Liverpool fans to file complaint against UEFA

Liverpool supporters at the entrance to the Stade de France, during the English club's Champions League final against Real Madrid, in Saint-Denis, May 28, 2022

More than 1,800 Liverpool fans to file collective complaint against UEFA after the events of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Paris on May 28, their lawyers announced on Friday September 23.

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The European football body had postponed the kick-off of this meeting – won by Real – by some 35 minutes, due to "security issues" with supporters, targets of police measures, tear gas and attacks as they waited to enter the Stade de France.

An investigation by the French Senate denied claims by UEFA and the French government that Liverpool fans without tickets were the main cause of the incidents.

"Terrifying Scenes"

According to Bingham's law firm in Liverpool, plaintiffs have raised "terrifying scenes" around the stadium. This firm has partnered with the firm of Pogust Goodhead to represent 1,450 plaintiffs, another firm, Leigh Day, representing approximately 400 others.

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They plan to sue UEFA for breach of contract over ticket sales and negligence in the duty of safety to spectators.

The Liverpool club, for its part, gathered 8,500 testimonials from supporters as well as photos and videos which were submitted to an independent investigation commissioned by UEFA.

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