Lizzo in concert at the Accor Arena: body positive, girl power and explosive hits

Lizzo in concert at the Accor Arena: body positive, girl power and explosive hits

Lizzo does not go unnoticed. So much the better. This is exactly what the 34-year-old American singer, one of the sensations across the Atlantic since 2019, wants, her third album “Cuz I Love you” and her hit “Juice”, at the crossroads of Aretha Franklin, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, soul, rap, provocative and feminist. The artist of her real name, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, born in Detroit and raised in Houston, trained in music as much by flute lessons as hip-hop records, assumes everything, the mixture of genres, its curves that she displays her unbridled sexuality without complex.

With Lizzo, something always happens, like when she arrives this Sunday evening in a supercharged Accor Arena. The room is not full but bubbles as if it were filled to the brim. “Hey mother****er, did you miss me”, she swings at the opening of her concert and “The Sign” from her formidable latest album “Special”, released in 2022.

Yes Lizzo is indeed special. Icon of the LGBT community and defenders of body positive, where we accept the body as it is, she arrives surrounded by ten dancers with assumed curves. “When you come to a Lizzo show, everyone in the audience has ‘big girls’ screams the singer cast in a shimmering red jumpsuit before returning a little later in a gold evening dress.

She even improvises a twerking contest in the room

The slogan “My body, my choice” appears on screens a little later after “Scuse me” and “Rumors” preceded by messages from trolls on social networks like “his ass is insured for a million dollars” , “no guy wants her”…

Lizzo therefore prefers to stage all this in a joyful way to make it a force, a fight to the point that the insistent close-ups of the cameras on her buttocks pass here for a militant act. Depending on the concert, she even improvises a twerk contest in the room with girls and boys, whatever.

But it’s not just that during the American’s show. There is above all music with a real singer, a real band. At a time when musicians are becoming increasingly rare in blockbusters, Lizzo is carried by an effective quartet of three-quarters female, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard. Ideal for resonating his euphoric funk songs like “2 be loved”, “Good as hell”, “Birthday girl”, “Like a girl”, “Coldplay” with the added bonus of a flute solo from the star of the evening. perfect also to cover “Doo Wop (that thing) by Lauryn Hill or “I’m every woman” by Chaka Khan popularized by Whitney Houston.

Radiant, enthusiastic, Lizzo is thus part of the great line of soul divas who have dog, like a tigress à la Tina Turner version 2.0, anchored in her time while having assimilated all the references of black American music.

The finale of his concert this Sunday evening at the Accor Arena proves it in a masterful way with “Juice” and “About damn time” as an encore, which already sound like classics.

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