Lola affair, noise and fury on France 5

This issue of “The Factory of Lies” analyzes the political and media recovery of the murder of a child.

Paris, October 14, 2022. Lola, 12, was found dead at the foot of her building, her mutilated body, placed in a trunk. The main suspect is Algerian, in an irregular situation. “This is the story of a family dispossessed of the image of their daughter… begins the narrator. New subject of “The Factory of Lies” of France 5, “Lola Affair, chronicle of a recovery”, tells how, in just four days, the media spheres – particularly social networks – and politicians – particularly the extreme right – instrumentalized this news item. Collection, distortion, misinformation, manipulation, identitarianism, conspiracy, conspiracy, incitement to hatred, on the internet and social networks, insatiable outlet of planetary gall but also in traditional media.

“Denial of the rule of law”

Six months after the tragedy, the documentary finally expresses the anger and despair of the child’s entourage in the face of the suffering that has come to be cruelly grafted on to mourning, increased tenfold by the portraits of the schoolgirl, brandished in identity demonstrations even in the stands of a stadium in Serbia. Launched in 2019 at the instigation of the public service channel, “The Lie Factory” works to disentangle the true from the false, an increasingly necessary work of analyzing information, based on this postulate that fake news spreads on average six times faster than true information. Frightening statistics. Indeed, nothing escapes recovery, neither Brexit, nor the war in Ukraine, nor the French presidential election, nor the Covid, nor the migration crisis, and perhaps even less the news items that play on emotion.

main suspect

According to the Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupond-Moretti, the phenomenon fuels the rise of “denial of the rule of law”. Today, the alleged murderer of Lola is in pre-trial detention. The victim’s family left Paris to take refuge in the north of France. She does not testify in the documentary. Y intervene on the other hand Clotilde Lepetit, the lawyer of the parents of Lola; the Minister of Justice; Alexandre Silva, the defender of the main suspect; Claire Sécail, CNRS researcher and media specialist; David Chavalarias, mathematician and author of Toxic Data. How the networks manipulate our opinions and Serge Tisseron, psychiatrist and member of the national digital council, in particular. A documentary followed by a debate

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