Lola case: Hanouna and “Don’t touch my post” cleared by Arcom

Lola case: Hanouna and “Don’t touch my post” cleared by Arcom

This time, the Arcom does not tap on the fingers of C8. Thursday, the audiovisual sages officially dismissed the case of the celebration of hearings following the death of Lola. Taken before the holiday season, the decision was only made public this afternoon. Last October 19, live, the channel of the Canal + group had organized a party, on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. The nightclub music, the Brazilian dancers and the fireworks had cast a chill over public opinion.

“Each time we get a big audience score, Franck Appietto, the president of C8, will come and present a trophy in a somewhat original way. All this to thank you at home, to thank the columnists and the public for these scores of patients, ”explained Cyril Hanouna before launching the fiesta.

Historic audiences in a dramatic context

After a fanfare arrival, the leader, disguised in a thick fur coat, had offered his star host, as a reward, a golden copy of the face of his puppet from the “Guignols de l’info”. On the base, the date of the day before was engraved.

Indeed the previous day, “Touche pas à mon poste” had exceeded the bar of 2 million viewers, which had not happened to it since the previous month of February. C8’s flagship program also recorded its best ever market share (9.2%).

Except that this score was part of a dramatic context: Cyril Hanouna had devoted a long part of his daily meeting to the murder in Paris (XIXth arrondissement) of little Lola, 12 years old.

The Louis Boyard case judged in the coming weeks

After having reviewed the sequence, the Authority considers that “the welcomed hearings concerned the first two months of the season and not recent sequences during which tragic events have been mentioned”, excluding any attack on the dignity of the human person .

The Sages seem to have been convinced by Cyril Hanouna’s defense elements. Following a deluge of indignant reactions, the host had tried to justify himself by indicating that, despite the date which appeared on the statuette, it was a question of celebrating the hearings of the “beginning of the season”. “Know this, when you make two million (of viewers) two days in a row, there are all the morons on social media starting to get on our heads. All the jealous, all the haters. I want to tell them: Darlings, don’t worry, we’ll keep making two million and we’ll be fine. So stop finding stuff to try to find head lice. “, he was justified.

Since his arrival on C8, Cyril Hanouna has collected sanctions from Arcom (ex-CSA). Mid-November, the institution denounced the “failure” of C8 to his “obligation to deal with a legal case in progress with moderation”, concerning, already, the Lola affair, for which Hanouna demanded a “speedy trial” and “automatic life sentences”.

The Sages regretted that Cyril Hanouna was able to “express his opinion at length without a quick and effective contradiction being opposed to him”. Arcom has also launched a sanction procedure against C8 about the violent altercation, mid-November, between Louis Boyard and Cyril Hanouna. The case should be examined in the coming days, now that two new members have joined the college of the regulatory body.

In 2017, Cyril Hanouna had been called to order several times, and had notably received a penalty of 3 million euros to a hoax considered homophobic.

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