Lola’s confidences after her departure from “Star Academy”

INTERVIEW – A promising artist, the 21-year-old Berjallienne left the TF1 musical reality show prematurely last Friday. After the shock of elimination, she looks back on her adventure with great lucidity.

On September 26, viewers discovered the face of the first candidate for season 11 of ” Star Academy “ . Like Énola Cosnier a year earlier in “Dancing with the Stars”, Lola Antolinos learned of her participation as part of a flagship program of the TF1 group: it was in “Quotidien” that the 21-year-old young woman from Bourgoin-Jallieu was surprised.

On November 4, his first promising performance as a duo with Victorien in prime time on TF1 suggested a bright future in this season of “Star Academy”. But the next day, the particularly harsh debriefing from stage expression teacher Cécile Chaduteau accusing him of a lack of authenticity weakened him in the eyes of viewers. To the point of becoming, two weeks later, the second candidate eliminated from the promotion after Louis.

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LE FIGARO. – How do you interpret your elimination from “Star Academy” after only two weeks of competition?
Lola ANTOLINOS. – Nothing happens by chance, if things happened this way, it’s because another path awaits me outside the castle. I had a wonderful experience and “Star Academy” remains a real springboard. It is not an end in itself, it is only the beginning of something else. I consider my participation a victory. I consider my exit as a combination of circumstances with this failed evaluation and this bonus where neither the public nor the students saved me. I hadn’t calculated or anticipated anything. I didn’t expect to leave so soon.

Last Friday, your disappointment was immense and you had difficulty expressing yourself to Nikos Aliagas…
I realized that I would not return to the castle and that the adventure was already over. I had a feeling of unfinished business leaving “Star Academy” so early, of not having had the chance to share the stage with an artist or to have a sung and dance scene. I keep a little bitter taste which does not take away from the positive feeling which predominates.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​signing up for this season of “Star Academy”?
It’s a show that rocked my childhood and which has always made me dream a little. My mom followed the show a lot, especially the season won by Grégory Lemarchal, whom she supported. I grew up with the series One, back, very And High School Musical , I dreamed of myself as the heroine of these stories, singing, dancing and acting. When “Star Academy” came back last year, I told my mom that, from the next season, I would be there. I got started.

“After my stint in “Quotidien”, it took me two weeks to realize that I was taken to “Star Academy””

Lola Antolinos

Were you surprised to be included in the casting of this season 11 of “Star Academy”?
Each step taken is a good surprise, so many of us initially signed up. The auditions are very long, I spent seven months of casting between the day I sent my application and the announcement of my participation on the set of “Quotidien”. It was a time of doubt, hope and questioning. I believed in it until the end, I always felt that I could fit the program.

What were you told before finding yourself facing Yann Barthès in “Quotidien” on September 26?
The production had put in place a stratagem to bring me to Paris. The teams had a hard time lying to me because they knew since the final audition on September 6 that they wanted me in the casting. A few days before “Quotidien”, they called me telling me that there had been a problem with the song and the sound recording and that I had to come back and do my final audition again. I believed in it until the moment the curtain opened and I saw Yann Barthès in front of me.

The announcement effect must have been particularly emotionally intense…
I was in shock and I have wonderful memories of it. It was such a surprise! I had been waiting for this answer for so long, it was unbearable. It was all the more important because I knew that participating in “Star Academy” could potentially change my life. I had put all my plans on hold while waiting for this response. It took me two weeks to realize that I was taken.

How did you manage this period between “Quotidien” and the launch of “Star Academy” on November 4 ?
Once my participation was known to the public, I was well taken care of and supervised by the production teams. I had to set my social networks to private access so as not to be followed before the other participants. If I was contacted by the media, I had to forward everything to them. I was simply able to share the good news with my loved ones before returning to the castle.

Lola Antolinos on September 26, 2023 in “Quotidien” TMC screen capture

“I had a lot of trouble understanding Cécile Chaduteau’s point of view, I felt helpless”

Lola Antolinos

Despite a great performance with Victorien during the first “Star Academy” bonus you received unexpected criticism from Cécile Chaduteau the next day during the debriefing…
It was a significant moment in my journey, I was confronted from the outset with something that I had not at all considered at that moment. Cécile is a very educational stage expression teacher, keen to help us evolve and progress by taking us out of ourselves. She is very frank in the way she speaks to us. I was surprised by his remarks (Cécile Chaduteau criticized him for a lack of authenticity, editor’s note), no one had ever said that to me before in any context of my life. I had a hard time understanding his point of view and felt helpless. I am someone who puts her heart into everything she does. But the days that followed allowed me to understand what she wanted to tell me and her advice helped me evolve. I have respect for the teacher she is.

Until the last moment, you seemed annoyed that she mentioned a lack of authenticity about you…
I never disputed his essments but I did not see myself in his words. I didn’t understand the message behind those words. I had a hard time separating the person from the performance. I felt personally affected as an individual while it was the practicing artist who was being criticized. In this context of confinement where we are alone facing ourselves, it is not always easy to have sufficient perspective to understand the essments. Each step has been enriching.

How did you experience the omnipresence of cameras in your daily life in Dammarie-les-Lys?
I have a divided opinion on the question: a part of me completely forgot about them in the course of clic everyday moments. But another part of me couldn’t pretend not to see them. They are there, everywhere, we see them moving, following our movements. Consciously or not, we keep in mind that everything we do is filmed, seen and heard. Even if we remain as natural as possible, we are careful. I have never forgotten the fact that I was evolving in an exceptional and extraordinary setting that had to be understood.

“Thanks to “Star Academy”, I am starting to receive proposals and make interesting contacts”

Lola Antolinos

On social networks, the popularity polls were not favorable to you, some Internet users had the impression that you were pretentious and too isolated in the castle…
I don’t read these reviews on the Internet, but if anyone found me pretentious, I wouldn’t know what to say. I am convinced that I am not, but everyone is free to think what they want and express their opinion. I know who I am deep down. Compared to the isolation in the castle, it’s true that I got along well with everyone but I was more comfortable in small groups. I most often had discussions in twos or threes. What may have fueled this image is that I worked a lot and I spent a lot of time alone. I never lost sight of the fact that I was in a school, I was there to learn and grow as an artist. This was my course of action, I did not seek to be a strategist…

This lack of strategy and strong friendly network has served you badly…
It’s true, maybe that’s what I was missing to continue the adventure and to have a better popularity rating. I had the spirit of competition in its artistic dimension and not from a reality TV point of view. Coming out, I realized that maybe I could have been more strategic. (Laughs.) I stayed true to my personality, I would have had a hard time forcing my nature.

You were an artist before “Star Academy” and you will remain so, what will this experience change for you in the medium term?
I see that it is one of the biggest artistic programs in France and that it undeniably opens doors. Whether it lasts two weeks or three months, it remains fleeting in a journey and I am proud to have had this chance to live this experience. I want to flourish in music, dance and also cinema. Thanks to “Star Academy”I am starting to receive proposals and make interesting contacts.

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