LR takes up the essential ecological question

Published on Oct 10, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

How to make your voice heard on climate and the environment? This is the question that the Republicans will try to answer during an “Ecology Night”, this Tuesday as part of the “General States of the Right” launched last June. LR wants to renovate aging software but at the same time praises the Grenelle environmental summit under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy. Opposed to the government and in competition with the RN for the rural electorate, the right is struggling on green issues and is looking for a direction.

“We are not here to hammer home our results,” refutes the deputy for the Loire, Antoine Vermorel-Marques. This member of the young guard, responsible for the environment within the shadow cabinet – the “counter-government” of LR – defends an ecology of “individual freedoms” backed by “technical progress” against the proponents of degrowth. “It will be more of an intellectual moment than an activist meeting,” ures the latter, responsible for leading a whole series of round tables and interventions.

Pas de deux

Jean-Marc Jancovici, engineer and member of the High Council for the Climate, or Chloé Morin, political scientist, were invited to speak as well as the leaders of the right-wing think tank “Responsible Ecology” at the origin of a Kantar survey on the perception of the environmental issue among the right-wing electorate. According to this study carried out in June, around 79% of LR supporters believed that public authorities should make more efforts to fight climate change.

Republicans are aware that ecology is emerging as a subject of concern everywhere, including among their voters. “We will also talk about the role of the European Union in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The climate fight is a European battle and not just a national one,” says Guilhem Carayon, president of Young LR.

Too serious topic

During his speech, Eric Ciotti, the president of the party, will present financing options after Emmanuel Macron’s announcements in terms of ecological planning, deemed “useful” on the right. The LR group in the National embly nevertheless voted against the bill “accelerating the production of renewable energies” but gave lip service to it. the text relating to “green industry”, aimed at accelerating the decarbonization of industrial sites. A pas de deux on the difficult to understand environment to which are added the recent positions of Laurent Wauquiez.

The regional president, and possible contender for the 2027 presidential election, publicly opposed the zero net artificialization (ZAN) of soils, described as “ruralicide” and yet adopted in the Senate by the majority of the right and the center. A speech similar to that of the National Rally who for his part castigates “punitive ecology”. He also denounced “the prophets of doom” during his back-to-school speech in Valencia and called on his party to take up these issues. “I tell you: ecology is too serious a subject to be left to environmental extremists. Get hold of it! »

On the occasion of this “Ecology Night”, LR prefers to display a modest ambition. No programmatic measures should see the light of day. “It’s much too early even if the right has often been a pioneer in this area,” judges one of its organizers despite the announced presence in the public of Emmanuelle Mignon, new vice-president of LR in charge of ideas and the future project. At the risk of giving the impression of taking your time in the face of the climate emergency.

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