LR wants to regain its place on the sovereign thanks to its parliamentary niche

The deputy of the Les Républicains party, Aurélien Pradié (in the center) during a session of Questions to the government, at the National Assembly, in Paris, on November 29, 2022.

Doubled by Emmanuel Macron on economic subjects, deeply divided on societal questions, the group Les Républicains (LR) wishes to exist under this legislature by betting on its favorite subject, the sovereign. This is the whole meaning of his parliamentary niche, scheduled for Thursday 1er December, three of the four bills presented by LR deputies concern immigration and security. Carried by Mansour Kamardine (Mayotte) and two of the candidates for the LR congress, Eric Ciotti (Alpes-Maritimes) and Aurélien Pradié (Lot), the texts thus aim to relax the conditions for the expulsion of foreigners constituting a serious threat to the public order and to create two specialized jurisdictions on foreign offenders and domestic violence. More consensual, the text on the agricultural pensions of the elected official of Aisne Julien Dive should receive the support of the government.

If these three texts were rejected in committee, the LR group and its sixty-two deputies, who emerged very weakened from the legislative elections and very divided on the position to take vis-à-vis the government, intends to take advantage of this day when they hand on the agenda to mark its difference with the presidential coalition, while speaking to the electorate of the National Rally (RN). “We consider that the French are expecting quite radical measures in terms of immigration, and we cannot let the RN appear as the only party which would have a little will on this subject”, supports the president of the LR group in the National Assembly, Olivier Marleix. “If we let go on migratory and sovereign subjects, it is because we have been absorbed by the majority. This is our main difference with them”abounds the LR deputy for the Loire Antoine Vermorel-Marques.

Discomfort in the group

Especially since, at the start of the legislature, most of the bills presented by the government on purchasing power, unemployment insurance or Covid-19 were adopted with the votes of LR deputies after agreements, more or less easy depending on the texts, made with the government. These agreements even prompted the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to announce on France 2, at the end of October, his desire to establish “alliances” with the LR deputies on the next texts, causing some discomfort in a group which always places itself in the opposition.

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The right-wing group also wants to advance its proposals one week away from the debate on immigration, scheduled for December 6 in the Assembly, and especially a few weeks before the presentation of the bill on the same subject by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and that of Labour, Olivier Dussopt. “The government, which wants to be very outgoing on immigration issues, does not seem willing to support our texts”lamented, Tuesday morning, Mr. Marleix, who pushes in particular to be more firm against foreign offenders by reducing the appeal procedures after an expulsion decision. “Who do we expel and who do we keep?, continued Mr. Marleix. Should French prisons be overcrowded with foreign offenders or should they not be expelled directly? » A rhetorical question which, for the president of the LR group, poses the terms of the debate to come on the immigration bill, facing the government.

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