Lucas Chevalier (Lille) before the reception of OM: “The kind of match that is won a little with rage”

“How do you feel on the eve of this last peak of the season (against Marseille, Saturday, at 9 p.m., live commentary)and a week after the draw in Monaco (0-0)?
For a few matches, we’ve been a bit up and down, we’ve been successful at home, and outside, we’ve had a little more trouble. But we trained well, the state of mind is there, there is the desire to go and get something. The excitement of a very big match, at a high level, where there will be something at stake for us and for Marseille. At home, we have been successful for some time, we hope to continue this momentum. We will see if this point in Monaco will be improved.

It was in Marseille that you made your debut in L1. Where do you think you have improved the most since that first match?
It was not very easy to start in such an atmosphere. Since then, I have evolved and I no longer apprehend things in the same way. I took the experience, I feel a lot more comfortable in everything I want to do, I gain a little more weight in the team. I feel that I am important. It allows me to be able to expose my qualities to the maximum and I know that I can do it even more.

To go (2-1 defeat, 7th day of L1), OM had been one of the few teams to put you in difficulty in the game…
They had put a big intensity. It was the start of the Championship, they were full of juice, full of desire. It’s a team that has special characteristics, that doesn’t work like the others. They are used to doing a lot of one for one, we expect a lot of intensity, it will be up to us to move, to make an impact because they are going to make it. We’re going to have to answer that. And put on a lot of speed and be technically very fair, otherwise you risk putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

“You’ll have to look for something a little deep in the belly to get this little detail”

What are the strengths of this OM?
They have a lot. They are very forward, they attack in numbers, very quickly and with a lot of impact. There will be very strong pressure from the start of the match. It will be up to us to know how to manage when we have to calm down and when we have to speed up. And at the end of the season, it will be necessary to go for an extra soul, something a little deep in the stomach to go and find this little detail. It is perhaps this kind of match that is won a little with rage.

What does it mean to you to be named among the candidates for the UNFP’s best goalkeeper trophy ?
I had not been named last year in Ligue 2, due in particular to the fact that we had played the maintenance (with Valenciennes), not the leading roles. A year later, playing at the top of the table also helped me a lot to be nominated. I think I showed great things, I’m very happy, it’s a great achievement. After that it’s only the beginning, and I dare to hope that, if at 21 years old, for my first season, I manage to achieve these kinds of objectives, things a little more important await me in the following years. . I do everything to work, to serve the team first. It’s a small symbol but it’s not an end in itself, we have an end to the season to look for. We will have time to savor at the end. »

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