Lucie Bernardoni announces her divorce from a former member of “Star Academy”

The coach of the academicians for the 2022 and 2023 seasons of Star Ac’ was married since 2018 to Patrice Maktav. A story that ended several months ago.

“It’s time to write these few little words that weren’t planned, but that will do me good,” wrote Lucie Bernardoni during the night of Friday December 8 to Saturday December 9 on his Instagram account. The former academician of the “Star Academy”coach of the 2022 and 2023 cles, spoke about her private life on social networks.

“As we had not hidden our marriage, I owe it to myself and I owe it to him, after all that we have experienced (and which belongs only to us), to write to you that Patrice Maktav and I divorced a few months ago »she announced while specifying that this decision was taken “with respect and kindness”.

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The adventure of the Star Ac’ marked her even in her personal life. Indeed, the man with whom she married in 2018 in Scotland was none other than one of the academicians from season 1. She confided in 2022 during an interview with Jordan De Luxe that they were neighbors and had initially gotten closer for this reason. “I liked him, he liked me. We were both shy so it wasn’t easy. she confided, adding: “One day we met again and he said to me: “I’m marrying you.”

“I owe it to myself.”

And if their love story ended several months ago now, she revealed half-heartedly that she still had affection for him. “He is a good man and I will always support him. Simply. I’m disabling comments under this post. I know you will understand.”

Although the 36-year-old has, since last year, been back in the spotlight as one of the two coaches – alongside Marlène Schaff – of the new “Star Academy” promotions, she does not covet to become a celebrity personality. “I will be discreet about my private life from now on. I owe that to myself and to those around me.”she shared before closing her post by thanking her subscribers.

Before marrying Patrice Maktav and previously living with the composer Pedro Alves, from whom their daughter Lily Angelina was born in 2010, Lucie Bernardoni had also experienced a romance in the castle with Grégory Lemarchal whom she recently described as “his great love». “You still have to know that it wasn’t my friend Grégory. I actually loved him. I never said it […] but I’m tired of lying to myself”she confided in the dancer’s podcast “With or without sugar”. Inès Vandamme.

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