Luis Suarez (ex-OM) freaks out and attacks the VAR control screen

By Le Figaro



Luis Suarez was sent off on Tuesday by the referee for the Real Sociedad-Almeria match. ANDER GILLENEA / AFP

THE SPORT SCAN – The player on loan from OM to Almeria distinguished himself by being sent off against Real Sociedad before attacking the VAR control screen on returning to the locker room.

News from Luis Suarez. The Colombian on loan from Olympique de Marseille this season in La Liga in Almeria (15th) is not having a great season with the club in southeastern Spain and has only scored 4 goals and 4 ists in the league.

Established at the forefront of his team this Tuesday against Real Sociedad de Robin Le Normand (1-0 defeat), Luis Suarez distinguished himself in a sad way. Guilty of a violent sole on the Franco-Spanish defender, the referee after consulting the VAR changed his initial yellow card to a red card.

Furious, the striker left the field with his head bowed and went crazy as he joined the locker room. The Colombian intentionally knocked down the VAR monitor that was in his way and then kicked a wall.

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