Lupine season 3: Netflix hijacks Rolex and Cartier adver… without the jewelry

Nice marketing move on the part of Netflix. For the third part of the Lupine series, the American streaming platform has decided to play the advertising diversion card and take inspiration from the adver of major luxury brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Channel, Hermès and Tiffany&Co. On the five posters released for the occasion, Netflix has used all the codes of jewelry and watchmaking adver except for one detail: the jewelry has mysteriously disappeared…

On these advertising posters already plastered in the streets of the capital, we can see the models devoid of any valuable objects, with tan lines on their wrists and fingers, suggesting that a thief, perhaps named ane Diop (the character played by Omar Sy in Lupine), went through there to steal their rings, their bracelets and their watches…

Extremely realistic adver where Netflix uses the logos, colors and typography of these brands, replacing their names with “Lupin”.

A first successful marketing coup in 2021

In this series where resourcefulness and cunning are essential, Netflix has once again done the same from a marketing point of view. Indeed, the platform had already pulled out all the stops and achieved huge buzz while promoting the series, a few days before its launch in January 2021.

Omar Sy had taken part in the game by himself installing one of the gigantic posters of the series on a Paris metro platform at the Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre station, of course. A sequence where no one recognized him, or almost no one, causing numerous reactions on social networks. As in the “Lupin” series, this commercial aimed to show that people see but do not always look carefully at their immediate environment.

As a reminder, the seven episodes of this part 3 of Lupine can be found on October 5 on the streaming platform. Season 1 of the series created by George Kay and François Uzan had experienced a real global success upon its launch. Season 1 was viewed by 76 million households around the world, becoming the most viewed content on the platform in the United States, a first for a French series.

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