Lyonnais Lovren ures that he “did not come to play in Ligue 2”

The Croatian defender spoke this Friday at a press conference on the situation of Les Gones.

Croatian central defender Olympique LyonnaisDejan Lovren, said “not having come to play in Ligue 2», Friday at a press conference before a crucial match for maintenance, Sunday (5:05 p.m.) against Toulouse.

We don’t have the right to lower our heads. I grit my teeth in difficult situations“, he said. “I didn’t come here to play in Ligue 2 and OL is not a club to play in this division“, then launched the Croatian.

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We need to change a lot of things. (…) We need everyone 100% and that hasn’t been the case lately“, he observed.

The mentality is no longer at all like the one I knew ten years ago (2010-2013), unfortunately», added the former European club champion with Liverpool before discussing the winter transfer window which OL president John Textor announces as ambitious.

We need reinforcement and the door is open to any player who will come to strengthen us, but it is also open to those who are not happy or who are not well here“, he confided.

I will believe until the end in the chances of maintaining and I am not thinking of a descent to Ligue 2. Perhaps some are thinking of it and if that is the case, I hope that they will come to see me so that I explains to them that now is not the time to think about that“, he insisted, denying any tension in the locker room which he described “like a family“.

Every match is a final from now on, not just those against Toulouse and Nantes (during the 15th and 17th days, Editor’s note). It’s pressure, that’s for sure, but personally I like challenges. I hope others are ready for this too“, he concluded.

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