Macha Méril tackles Sébastien Cauet

INTERVIEW – The actress and writer was invited this Monday, December 11 on the “Buzz TV” set. In addition to promoting his latest novel, The Palazetto gate published by L’archipel, it was the opportunity for her to react to the controversy involving the comedian.

As talented in front of a camera as with a pen in his hands, Macha Méril continues to accumulate projects after more than 60 years of career. She recently appeared in fiction Parallel investigation broadcast on France 3 Saturday December 9, which marked its audience success (4.5 million viewers). She also released, on October 13, her latest novel entitled The Palazetto gate published by L’archipel. She was the guest of “Buzz TV” this Monday, December 11.

“First, I want to say something about France. We have the chance to read. We are still one of the countries that sells books and where books are written […] which can be adapted for cinema or television”rejoiced the author before adding that in this case, her novel “is written like a screenplay. A producer could take it and shoot it, boom, straight away because I’m interested in cinema and what it has become.”.

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And beyond her great appetite for comedy and literature, Macha Méril focuses on a whole host of other subjects: cooking with the writing of her recipe books, theater, music – having been married with the musician Michel Legrand whose memory she has never ceased to maintain – but also on political and ideological subjects. When the comedian was indicted for and ault Sébastien Cauet was discussed, the actress unambiguously shared her point of view.

“Do you know what he pays? He pays for the tone he has had in all his shows until now. It’s not just a matter of how he behaved ly. I am convinced that he had a life like all these men who have a little power, I am convinced that he took advantage of it”said Macha Méril about the comedian and radio man. Having participated in the show “La methode Cauet”, the actress adds: “I found his way of expressing himself neither graceful nor very effective, so I think that’s what he’s paying for today. Today, he pays for what he was.”

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