Macron wants to develop metropolitan RERs in ten major cities in France

The President of the Republic aims, according to the Elysée, to “draw the face of the France of tomorrow”. It is projected on a horizon of at least ten years.

Competence is regional; the ambition is national. The start of construction requires close harmony between the State and the communities. In the latest episode of his videos published on Youtubewhere he respond “very directly» to questions from Internet users on “food, housing, transport, energy, etc.“, Emmanuel Macron launched on Sunday what he himself describes as”great national ambition“. “This is the major land development project“, we support at the Élysée, to underline the importance given to this new priority. To know : “develop a network of RER, urban train (…) in ten major cities, ten major French cities“. “In the ten main French cities where there is thrombosis, where there is too much traffic, where travel is complicated… We must have a real urban transport strategy», justifies the Head of State. The idea? “To say, basically, (that) the RER is not only in Parishe explains again facing the camera, in shirt sleeves. It’s a great goal for ecology, economy, quality of life“.

If Emmanuel Macron does not advance on a precise timetable, nor does he list the territories concerned, it is because, specifies the Elysée, “the transport infrastructure orientation council is currently working to identify the projects that can be launched first“. This structure “is chaired by David Valenceand should deliver its conclusions within a month“, says one of the same source, adding that, “in some cases, work can begin quickly, (but that) elsewhere, it will be necessary to complete the studies in progress“. For the time being, such an initiative has already been put on track in Strasbourg, where the official launch should be announced – barring any setbacks – in about ten days. As for Bordeaux, work launched in 2018 has made it possible to reach an agreement this year for “propose a new TER service offer” in the future. Then comes Lille where, again, metropolis, region, State and SNCF Réseau “are committed to the metropolitan express service project“.

“A major transformation project, ecological and social”, says Clément Beaune

Fifteen projects are under development throughout France“, do we identify at the Élysée, where we also mention Lyon, Grenoble and Aix-Marseille. “These projects will sometimes take ten years or more to be fully finalized. Some are already advanced, others are at the study stage“, further specifies an Elysian adviser, according to whom it is a question of “draw the face of the France of tomorrow“. “A France where the territories are committed to carbon neutrality and the end of fossil fuels“, we hope, after having already “relaunched investments in rail“and contributed to the”renovation of short lines in rural areasduring the previous five-year term. Under the leadership of former Prime Minister Jean Castex, now boss of the RATP.

The metropolitan RER is the opening of new public transport lines in major cities, like Greater Paris. It is a major transformation project, ecological and social, for the coming decade.“, finally applauds the Minister Delegate for Transport, Clément Beaune, to the Figaro. Provided that the hopes aroused by this type of announcement are accompanied by guarantees of tangible results.

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