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Emin Colasan

Release: September 21, 2023

Dear My readers, I have been dealing with the same subject for two days and Recep I was trying to explain that the magnificent speech that Bey will give at the podium of the United Nations General embly will make the whole world jump.

I think I was right…

Because this government has a tremendous amount of power in its hands. propaganda apparatus there is.

They have managed to capture most of the media in one way or another.

They were not content with just taking over the state, the business world and the money power reaching terrifying levels. propaganda to your device They also managed to seize it completely.

They should be congratulated!


I insisted on it in my articles…

The media power, which has reached abnormal levels, will now embellish an ordinary speech he will give at the United Nations podium and try to sell it to the Turkish nation in this way.

They do this all the time.

As a matter of fact, it turned out yesterday that I was wrong.

Recep Like all world leaders, Bey came to the podium and gave at least the messages we expected…

And he holds it in his hand media power He did what was necessary.

Now let me present to you some of yesterday’s incredible headlines that most of us have overlooked, so that you can see once again that I made the right prediction.


“President Erdoğan wrote the ‘humanity manifesto’ at the United Nations podium…”

“We have never needed the European Union…”

“Turkey’s ‘the world is bigger than five’ thesis found its answer in the UN session. Erdoğan’s words received great applause… Biden: We will do our part for this reform…”


His successes and magnificent performance continued to find a place in the propaganda mechanism of the pro-government media yesterday.

Don’t say this is impossible, it happens in Turkey!

Some of the titles and presentations were as follows:

“From France to Japan, from Qatar to Greece, Erdoğan’s speech is in the headlines…”

“They put Turkey in the lead. World media brought Erdoğan’s words to the agenda…”

“Historical speech is in the world press. Erdogan will never bow!..”

“The meetings in New York were effective. Great resources and funds will flow to Turkey…”

When you read these, you have to ask yourself.

I wonder what he said and managed to raise the world up like this!


I watched the text of the speech as much as possible from our media and foreign sources…

Only ‘ordinary’ words…

Moreover, it is such a speech that, like almost all the ruling officials in the world, he goes to the podium and gives speeches and expresses his views along with the right or wrong demands of his own country.

There is only one person among them whose words were listened to carefully and broadcast live on television, including in Turkey:


We don’t have any yet…

Most of the rest is nonsense.

Ordinary words and bilateral contacts said to fulfill the custom.


My dear readers, Recep Bey draws attention to two more issues in his speech.

The first is the ongoing Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

He explains that we naturally support Azerbaijan in line with the principle of (two states, one nation).

In the second, he calls on all countries of the world…

He wants TRNC to be recognized politically and diplomatically.

He is very right, we want this too.


Well, he is trying to ignore the behind-the-scenes activities regarding the TRNC issue and the hype scheming that is intended to be established over the Republic of Turkey!

As we all know very well, some facts, especially Turkish citizens, we do not swallow them…

We were supporting Azerbaijan with all our strength regarding the Karabakh conflict…

This is very nice.

So now let’s ask:

I wonder if ‘friend and brother’ Azerbaijan gives even one thousandth of the similar support to Turkey?

No, it doesn’t.

If he claims otherwise, the state should accept and recognize the TRNC.

He should open an emby there and do what is necessary, at least from now on!

Does doing?

No, he doesn’t, or he can’t!..

But ultimately it puts us to sleep.


As for why I say these…

Recep Mr. Bey talks about this issue at every opportunity, he expresses it at length even at the United Nations podium, but he has a unique world leader Although, it appears that not mentioned!

It cannot control not only Azerbaijan, but also the so-called ‘Turkish’ Republics in Central Asia, and even African countries.


While we are on this subject, I would like to share with you a question that came to my mind.

I wondered but I couldn’t find out…

I wonder if Azerbaijan has an emby in Greek Cyprus?

In other words, does our ‘two states, one nation’ Azerbaijan, which does not recognize the TRNC in line with its own interests, officially recognize the Greek Cypriot side?

Mine is just a curiosity!

I hope he doesn’t know.

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