Malawi, Mozambique: Cyclone Freddy death toll rises to over 100

Malawi, Mozambique: Cyclone Freddy death toll rises to over 100

The death toll from Cyclone Freddy in Southeast Africa’s Malawi and Mozambique has surpassed 100; The cyclone that reached the coast of this continent on Saturday is still wreaking havoc, Reuters reported on Monday, citing the authorities of both countries.

The total number of deaths and the extent of the property damage, especially in Mozambique, is not yet known as power and telephone services were cut off in parts of the affected area.

At least 10 people have died in Zambezia province, said provincial delegate from the National Institute for Disaster Risk Management Nelson Ludovico, adding that the numbers are still provisional.

In Malawi, the cyclone killed 99 people, including at least 85 in the city of Blantyre, which is the country’s main commercial hub, Department of Disaster Management Commissioner Charles Kalemba said at a press conference.

Guy Taylor, a UNICEF worker in Mozambique, told the agency that humanitarian agencies there did not have the capacity to deal with a disaster of this size. “We saw a lot of buildings and clinics destroyed. People’s houses had their roofs blown off by the wind. Even before the cyclone hit, we saw local flooding,” he said.

Mozambique has received as much rain in the last four weeks as usual in a year. Malawi, meanwhile, is also battling the worst cholera outbreak in its history, and UN agencies have warned that the situation could now worsen, Reuters reported. (PAP)

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