Mansur Yavaş: It makes more sense for the leaders to be at the head of the party groups

Mansur Yavaş: It makes more sense for the leaders to be at the head of the party groups

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “As vice-president, declare me and Ekrem President.

Mansur Yavaş: It makes more sense for the leaders to be at the head of the party groups

Nation Alliance Vice Presidential candidate and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş made statements on the election process in the television program he participated in Habertürk. Slow said:

* “Mr. Akşener showed great favor. We thought it should continue. Mr. Akşener said, ‘Then you will take responsibility, reconciliation takes place in this way’ he said. We do not have an authority position. Ankara and Istanbul mayors are good offices. Upon Mr. Akşener’s request, he said, ‘You must be there, and the connection you have established with the citizens effectively in the administration must continue’. This was also found appropriate.

* Ms. Meral suggested, and our esteemed President accepted. It’s the last day, it’s stuck in a few hours. If we had time for a few days, we would suggest the following: Declare me and Ekrem President as vice-president, let our esteemed presidents be deputies and be at the head of the parties. I think it makes more sense for him to be at the head of his own groups. This is my idea. I will talk about this with the esteemed presidents, but the discretion is your table.


* We would never lose municipalities. It was clear that we were going to continue the task. If we were to resign, our candidacy was in question. We will keep our promise to the citizens. This is one of the reasons why we did not insist on candidacy. They chose us for 5 years. It is our duty to continue our duty until the last day. Otherwise, the people of Ankara will not forgive us. Appointments may not be made immediately. I also think that two tasks can run at the same time.

* Those who suggest the same idea for Mr. Binali Yıldırım and those who say that he will become the vice president when he becomes the President of İBB, say that it will not happen now. I will only say this, there are two or three administration professors’ explanations. The most important is Ergun Özbudun, the teacher of the teachers. He announced yesterday that this is quite possible. The two tasks can be executed together.

* The reason we want to be authorized is because we want our communication and projects with the public, youth and women to be somehow managed by the country. Metropolitan mayors are people who can get in touch with citizens, people that young people can easily reach. They will reach us again. Even though we are the vice president, we will be intertwined with them as our mayorship continues.”

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