Mara Taquin, a little Belgian who has grown up

Mara Taquin at the Angoulême Film Festival on August 23. YOHAN BONNET/AFP

wore – At 25, this bubbly Brussels actress illuminates Guillaume Nicloux’s film with her energy The little and melts the heart of Fabrice Luchini…

On the stage of grand theater of Angoulême, Fabrice Luchini did not budge. As he premiered The little, the new movie of Guillaume Nicloux (released on September 20), the facetious actor raved about the acting of his partner Mara Taquin, a young 25-year-old Belgian actress who plays the role.

“So be careful, there, you are going to discover a great actress, he shouted. It shouldn’t be overwhelmed with references, but it can smack of Signoret, it can smack of Béatrice Dalle, and it can go, if all goes well, towards an immense actress, when she will become what it is”, to quote Jouvet!»

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Even today, the young woman still blushes with these compliments. Daughter of a criminologist and a luthier from Brussels, Mara Taquin has strong memories of the shooting of this unique French film where she plays a pregnant woman. A surrogate mother whose character Luchini takes care of because she is carrying the child of her son who tragically died in the crash of a…

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