March 7 strike: 32.7% of striking teachers according to the ministry, 60% according to the unions

March 7 strike: 32.7% of striking teachers according to the ministry, 60% according to the unions

The sixth day of national mobilization against pension reform translates this Tuesday into an average rate of striking teachers of 32.71%, including 35.35% in primary and 30.09% in secondary (middle and high schools) according to the ministry, well below the figures of the unions revealed shortly before.

The Snuipp-FSU and Snes-FSU unions have announced striker rates at least 60% in the first and second degree.

The highest rate of strikers among teachers dates from January 19, during the first day of action, with 42.35% in primary and 34.66% in secondary, according to the ministry. On January 19, the unions had identified up to 70% of striking teachers in primary schools and 65% in colleges and high schools.

“Schools are running slow”

The Snes-FSU, the first secondary school union, announced on Tuesday that it had identified 60% of strikers: “Colleges, school lives, high school boarding schools are closed on Tuesday. In a France at a standstill, schools are operating in slow motion! “, assures the union in a press release.

This one binds the fight against pension reform with that of wages, against a backdrop of negotiations around the revaluation of that teachers engaged with National Education: “Raise salaries, not the retirement age! »

The Snes-FSU calls for participation in the mobilizations planned for March 9 by youth organizations, “and to decide in a general assembly on the follow-up to be given to the mobilization, including the renewal of the strike”. The majority union says it supports “already the establishments which decide to continue the strike after March 7”.

The Snuipp-FSU, the leading primary union (nursery and elementary), has identified for its part “several thousand schools closed and more than 60% of strikers”. “The mobilization must continue and already promises to be very important on Wednesday March 8 as part of women’s rights day “, he added.

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