March 7 strike against pension reform: Berger calls for an “extremely powerful” mobilization

March 7 strike against pension reform: Berger calls for an “extremely powerful” mobilization

We need a “massive” mobilization on Tuesday, called on Monday the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, on the eve of a sixth day of action against pension reform.

“I call on the employees of this country, the citizens of this country, the retirees of this country, who are against the pension reform, to come and demonstrate massively”, indicated the trade unionist on France Inter, this Monday morning.

” I think that tomorrow we must have an extremely powerful mobilization day. First of all, that means a lot of people in the streets. There are even more protest locations than other times, there are more than 250, 260,” he added.

The unions want to do better than the January 31, where the police had identified 1.27 million participants and the inter-union more than 2.5 million in the streets of France against the government’s pension reform project.

“We have to stop taking people for idiots”

In this context, Laurent Berger asked for a response from the Head of State. “The President of the Republic cannot remain deaf. We cannot have this silence now that has lasted for two months with just small sentences calling for each other’s responsibility without taking the problem into account, ”he said. The union leader also regretted the absence of discussions with the government. “We are in a conflict where for the moment we have not been received in the inter-union collectively by anyone from the government”, lamented Laurent Berger.

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“We don’t have an explanation deficit, we have to stop taking people for idiots (…). It is not a problem of pedagogy as we understand this reform. It is a problem of social injustice. It’s an issue of inequality,” Berger continued. “Today there is a large-scale social movement expressing itself (…) and a political response will be needed,” he insisted.

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