March 7 strike: can I leave work earlier because of disrupted transport?

March 7 strike: can I leave work earlier because of disrupted transport?

With the approach of a day of strike which is announced massively followed, the government encourages employees who can telecommute. However, a certain number of employees and workers will not be able to work remotely. Now, of very strong disturbances are planned in urban and rail transport, all the unions having called for a renewable strike at the RATP and the SNCF from Tuesday.

To avoid major difficulties on their return journey, can an employee ask to leave work earlier than usual? “The law does not provide for anything in this case, but that does not mean that it is not possible”, underlines Corinne Metzger, lawyer specializing in labor law. The simplest solution is to talk about it with your employer. Some collective agreements may even provide for early departures, under certain conditions. »

“A case-by-case decision”

Anyway, the request must be made upstream with the hierarchy, agrees Caroline André-Hesse. “It’s a decision that is made on a case-by-case basis. It also depends on your position: whether or not certain functions are compatible with teleworking, whether you are on the contrary obliged to come on site…”

But exceptionally, some employers can arrange the working time of their employees. “In some cases, you can ask to come 1 hour earlier to leave work early in the evening or, conversely, arrive later in the morning,” continues the specialist.

However, these adjustments are obviously not compatible for all professions. “Most of the time, employers try to take the lead. And in the opposite case, the employee must inform his superior if a change of schedule can possibly help him to organize himself better”, summarizes Caroline André-Hesse.

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