March against anti-Semitism: Édouard Philippe sees “no problem” with the presence of Marine Le Pen and the RN

He greeted a “beautiful face” of France, during marches against anti-Semitism this Sunday which brought together more than 182,000 people throughout France. The mayor of Le Havre and former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe also did not object to the presence of the National Rally (RN) at this march, this Monday morning on franceinfo. “When we fight an essential fight, we do not choose those who fight the fight with you”, he declared instantly on the fact that the RN remained “a political adversary” with which it “does not share the ideas.”

🔴 “I have no problem with Ms Le Pen coming to a demonstration which says ‘we do not want an anti-Semitic France’”, declares Edouard Philippe. “When we fight an essential fight, we do not choose those who fight the battle with you.” #8h30franceinfo

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The presence of the RN at this march had largely divided the political cl, with some believing that this party was not in its place. “I have no problem with Marine Le Pen coming to a demonstration that says we do not want an anti-Semitic France », Supported Édouard Philippe. “A few years ago, the National Front was against Europe, the euro, abortion. They have changed on all these subjects. If they change on anti-Semitism, that’s fine with me. »

The president of the RN Jordan Bardella defended himself this Monday morning on RTL, presenting himself as “probably the best shield of the Jews of France”. “We were among the French (…) We were welcomed with a certain warmth,” he added on Monday.

“I take everyone”

These comments from Édouard Philippe are an extension of those made this Sunday evening on BFMTV. “When it comes to saying what nation we want to be, when it comes to saying that we want to fight anti-Semitism, I take everyone,” he had already said. “The fact that the National Rally is saying explicitly, perhaps from now on, that it is fighting against anti-Semitism is something to take into account. I do not sort out the goodwill who want to fight against anti-Semitism. »

Around 105,000 people in Paris, and a total of 182,000 across France, demonstrated this Sunday to show their rejection of anti-Semitism. This “great civic march” was marked by controversy over the participation of the RN, with most left-wing parties and the majority expressing their anger or embarrment.

In a morning message on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne castigated the “postures” of LFI, which boycotted the march, and of the National Rally, whose “presence fools no one”. The President of the Republic must receive representatives of religions this Monday morning.

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